‘My 600-lb Life’ follow-up show features Assanti brothers in season finale


The follow-up show of My 600-lb Life just aired its season finale episode on TLC. The last to be featured are the Assanti brothers, Justin and Steven.

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now returned to the small screen for one last episode on May 27.

Closing the season are two of the most popular and polarizing in the show, Steven and Justin Assanti. This is their fifth time to appear in the show after being kicked out of Dr. Now’s office during their last appearance in 2017.

But they came back for another shot at redemption. However, the episode finale revealed that things are still complicated between the brothers.

Their relationship is still as bad as it was when they first appeared in the documentary series.

Steven Assanti | My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now?

Major updates from the Assanti brothers, TONIGHT at 8/7c on the season finale of #My600lbLife: Where Are They Now?

Posted by TLC on Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Update on Steven

The brothers first started going together to Dr. Now for their weight-loss program. But due to their differences and issues with each other, they have now chosen to do the regimen separately.

Steven was a difficult and controversial patient when it’s about his weight-loss journey and relationships.

He secretly binged takeout foods while undergoing a strict diet regimen, always complained, threw tantrums, and had a painkiller addiction.

Dr. Now, whose real name is Younan Nowzaradan, had to kick him off the program and send him to rehab.

In the season finale, he returned to Dr. Now only to find out that he has not made much progress. He only lost 4 lbs. and the Iranian surgeon is not impressed. Steven admitted that he struggled with his diet and promised to get on track.

However, Dr. Now also noticed that Steven has not been taking care of his hygiene. He told him that he smelled bad and the people outside were puking because of his odor.

When asked when was the last time he showered, he said it was the day before. Dr. Now did not believe him and advised him to take a shower especially since he has developed rashes near his stomach area.

Update on Justin

While Steven is not doing so well, Justin is getting some good progress. He got a gastric bypass in 2019.

His recent appearance in the show revealed that he is back in the Assanti hometown and still works with Hobby Haven.

He shared that working at the specialty store helps with his social anxiety and he has even bonded with some customers already.

The brothers’ father, Steven Sr., tried to reunite his sons by scheduling the same appointment with Dr. Now. However, it was unsuccessful and neither of the two called a truce.

Nonetheless, Justin received a compliment from Dr. Now at the end of the episode for his efforts in continuing to lose weight.

My 600-lb Life is available to watch on TLC.

Featured image courtesy of Linda Asky/YouTube Screenshot

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