‘My Hero Academia’ chapter 272: Shigaraki brings destruction and death

'My Hero Academia' chapter 272: Shigaraki brings destruction and death

My Hero Academia chapter 272 was just recently released. Fans did not expect though that it’s going to be a dark and gruesome chapter.

My Hero Academia chapter 272 shocked fans after it showed a dark and terrifying plot. Tomura Shigaraki woke up from his deep sleep and the Pro Heroes were not ready for his all-out act.

Fans turned to social media to express their thoughts on the events of the latest chapter. And the majority agreed that it was an unexpected twist of events.

Several tweeted wild reactions while some were just stunned and speechless towards Shigaraki’s new power. The character is even compared to Marvel’s big boss villain Thanos for his capability to wipe off the world.

So what happened in this latest chapter? Here’s a My Hero Academia chapter 272 recap.

The evacuation

The events of the chapter started with an evacuation of the civilians in the neighborhood. Katsuki and Bumin led the process, telling the people to inform them if they are unable to get up and go out on their own.

The city is on a threat to becoming a counter-Villain battle zone and they must need to leave. Katsuki told the civilians to jump on the shuttles to drive them out of the city.

One civilian asked Ingenium if the Heroes could spare his workplace from destruction as he still needs to submit a manuscript. Ingenium replied with an assurance that he will preserve and protect his manuscript.

Eventually, the fifth ward of the city was completely evacuated. Ingenium commanded Anima’s animals to make sure that no one is left behind especially in senior homes and apartments.

Shigaraki’s new power

While the Heroes were busy trying to finish up the evacuation of the innocent, Shigaraki is in the lab saying he is cold.

It wasn’t long after when Present Mic and Kyudai Garaki noticed the lab starting to disintegrate. Garaki has been expecting it. And as it reached closer to the two, Gran Torino swoop in to quickly grab them.

Torino noticed that Shigaraki’s Decay spread to things that he hasn’t even touched yet. This is a new revelation to them. He then told the Heroes to get out and make sure not to touch the cracks unless they wish to die.

The Decay power started destructing the hospital and then it started spreading to the mountains and the nearby city.

Multiple heroes were killed in the attack including X-Less, Woman, and the rest of the High-End Nomu. Crust was also killed.

My Hero Academia chapter 272 ended with Deku charged up to 45% and yelling to everyone to run.

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