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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 285 Spoilers: Deku pushes One-for-All to its limits


In My Hero Academia Chapter 285, the fight between the powerful villain Shigaraki against the Pro-heroes is likely to enter a critical stage. One big problem Deku and the rest will be facing is that their opponent appears to have gotten used to Deku’s full-powered attacks.

Shigaraki adjusts to Deku’s attacks

One big issue that the team will face in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter285 is the possibility that Shigaraki could gain the upper hand as the fight continues. In the previous manga installment, it appears that Shigaraki gained some sort of resistance to Deku’s full-powered attacks.

This was even noticed by Deku himself. “Looks like he’s adapted to my 100 percent attacks and taking hits,” the Pro-hero noted.

Fortunately, Deku’s attacks seem to have negatively affected the villain’s healing capability as well. As noted by the Pro-hero, Shigaraki’s wounds are healing slower and there is still some damage left to his body even after the healing process.

Deku pushes One For All to its limits

However, Deku is also nearing his limits as well so he won’t be able to continue fighting soon. He noticed that he is almost losing control of his Black Whip that bound Shigaraki.

His last two 100 percent attack also wrecked his left arm, which means that he can probably unleash one last full-powered attack on the villain. Before BNHA Chapter 284 ended, the Pro-hero decided to put his all into one last attack against Shigaraki.

“Now’s the moment to let it all out!” Deku said. He plans to use everything that One For All has to offer no matter what happens to him just so he could damage his opponent.

Bakugo could confront Shigaraki in My Hero Academia Chapter 285

It is yet uncertain if Deku’s ultimate move might be effective against Shigaraki. Of course, there is that exciting possibility that MHA Chapter 285 might feature the unforeseen effects of unleashing Deku’s last One-for-All attack on the villain.

However, it is also likewise possible that, even with such a strong move, Shigaraki will somehow survive the ordeal. Since Deku appeared to be betting with his life on that last attack, it is likely possible that he will be injured to the point of no longer being able to fight in the upcoming “Boku no Hero Academia” Chapter 285.

This means that someone has to deal with Shigaraki. Some BNHA spoilers pointed out the possibility that it would be Bakugo’s turn to face the villain to buy some time for Deku to recover.

My Hero Academia Chapter 285 will arrive on Sept. 27, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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