‘My Hero Academia Chapter’ 293 full summary reveals Deku, Dabi’s intense fight

My Hero Academia Chapter 293

My Hero Academia Chapter 293, titled “Hero Saturated Society,” spoilers and raw scans are now circulating online.

It reveals how the fight between the Pro Heroes and League of Villains has turned out and what will happen next. Twitter user Atsushi dropped the full summary of My Hero Academia Chapter 293.

It gives fans a glimpse of the events coming from Deku and Dabi’s fight to Bakugo’s hero name.

Bakugo’s surprising hero name

The new chapter shows Mirio’s flashbacks. He then learns that there will be a “national scale villain” that will sweep the operation.

Mirio wants to join in, so he asks Eri, who has been practicing with insects, about it. He then apologizes to Eri and confesses he intends to use her power.

Fortunately, Eri doesn’t mind, and she is ready for itBlockToro noted.

In the war zone, Mirio admits he can’t beat Nomu down in a single punch, so he screams for help. Bakugo then comes in and attacks Nomus to defend Mirio and Best Jeanist.

Iida warns Bakugo to stop moving, or else he is going to die, but he doesn’t heed.

“Have you seen the world, Bakugo?” Best Jeanist asks.

He then tells Jeanist that Bakugo is just his “temporary name” and reveals his hero name as DynaMight – The God of Great Killing Bomb.

Jeanist, Iida, Nejire, Compress, and Spinner have different reactions, thinking the name is ugly and too long.

Mirio, on the other hand, finds it funny, saying there is some humor in it.

“But there’s not a single particle of humor to it!!?” Bakugo declares.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293

The battle between the heroes and the villains

Elsewhere, Best Jeanist has successfully tied Machia. The scene then shifts to Dabi, who is hugging Shouto while trying to kill him.

Dabi seems to mock Shouto, saying the Pro Heroes are celebrating while he is suffering in his hands.

“But you’re also burning,” Shouto says in response.

Dabi then retorts and tells Shouto not to worry as he likes seeing Endeavor getting scared.

Deku then comes to rescue Shouto and uses Black Whip to save him, per International Business Times.

Dabi warns Deku not to barge into their family business. However, the latter bravely says he will gladly do so because Shouto is his friend and Endeavor is his mentor.

Dabi continues with his monologue while Machia is breaking free from Best Jeanist.

As everyone panics, Machia suddenly falls, probably, because Yaomomo’s tranquilizer has finally worked. From here, the chapter ends.

My Hero Academia Chapter 293 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 6, on Viz Media.

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