‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 294: Horikoshi Kohei’s big reveal, Compress’ real face

My Hero Academia Chapter 294

There will be another big reveal in My Hero Academia Chapter 294, titled “The Last Stage.”

After the revelation of Bakugo’s hero name, Horikoshi Kohei is about to drop a huge exposé in My Hero Academia Chapter 294. As the battle between the Pro Heros and the League of Villains continues, fans are about to see a lot of intense happenings.

The effect of the sedative

Everything will start with the unconscious Aizawa, Hawks, Mirko, Endeavor, and Mt. Lady. The sedative has finally kicked in, and Gigantomachia will next lose his consciousness.

Mirio, Bakugo, Iida, and Nejire are on a battle against Nomu, which is as powerful as the high-end Nomu seen in Kyuushu.

Iida calls Bakugo by his hero name, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight, per International Business Times. He tells him to “step back,” as he is not in the best shape to face the villains.

Bakugo surprisingly agrees, and he starts to find it hard to talk, which is probably because of the injuries he sustains.

As Gigantomachia is now down, Best Jeanist uses all the energy he has to focus on the League of the Villains.

He squeezes Shigaraki, Compress, and Spinner until they give up, while Toga runs in the alleyway. Spinner believes it will be the end of him, so he declares his love for the League of Villains before his time runs out.

Compress is then able to break free, using his Quirk on Shigaraki and Spinner. He then delivers a monologue, saying he is the descendant of Harima Ouji, an elite criminal.

Touya confronts Shoto

Elsewhere, Touya will confront Shoto in My Hero Academia Chapter 294.

“Sorry Shouto, the situation has changed,” he said, via BlockToro. “Not only Enji is not broken, but he’s also unconscious, so there is no point in continuing the show.”

He also apologized and called him “Best Creation.” He then “jerburned” and compressed Shoto, who fell and burned.

Later, Compress revealed his real face and made a declaration. “May the Curtain rise for the Escape Show,” he said.

Meanwhile, another Twitter post by Atsushi gave a short preview of My Hero Academia Chapter 295. “This man… can’t be finished with a piece of rope/ordinary method,” the post read.

It may mean Best Jeanist is yet to bring the enemies down, like Shigaraki, with a simple rope. So, he needs to do more.

My Hero Academia Chapter 294 is set to be out on Sunday, Dec. 13, while Chapter 295 will drop on Dec. 20.

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