‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 295 may feature major cliffhanger, time skip

My Hero Academia Chapter 295

My Hero Academia Chapter 295 will soon drop, and there are rumors it may end with a major cliffhanger.

There will be a two-week break between My Hero Academia Chapter 295 and Chapter 296. However, it may keep the fans hanging with a hair-raiser ending it is about to reveal.

Chapter 295 spoilers

Twitter user Atsushi gave a glimpse of the new chapter’s events, revealing the Pro Heroes will need to make a new plan to oppose Mr Compress’ new scheme.

“This man… can’t be finished with a piece of rope / ordinary method,” the fan teased about the Vanguard Action Squad member.

According to International Business Times, Mr Compress’ trick may help Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains escape.

As the battle may continue in My Hero Academia Chapter 295, they may suddenly put it to stop.

After he surprised everyone with the revelation of his real face, what Mr Compress is going to do next?

Chapter 294 recap

In the previous episode, the heroes’ efforts finally succeeded after Gigantomachia fell when the sedative kicked in.

Best Jeanist realized that his team’s effort had tremendously helped him to stop the big villain.

He continuously held on Gigantomachia until he finally collapsed, hinting at the beginning of his attack to other enemies.

Lida advised Bakugo to stop fighting as he was getting weak. However, he was hesitant to retreat as he still wanted to help Best Jeanist faced Dabi and the rest of his group.

Mr Compress felt helpless with his inability to use his quirk. Even Shigaraki couldn’t do anything about it.

However, as he managed to break free, he realized “daring escapes and deceptions” were his best strengths.

He knew he was the only one who could save his team from the hands of the Pro Heroes. So, revealed his family’s lineage, saying he is the descendant of Oji Harima, a known thief.

Mr Compress continued his roots aimed to expose the evil doings and injustice in the heroes’ system.

Elsewhere, Dabi and Shoto faced each other, but it looked like the latter was losing. Dabi used Jetburn to bring his brother down, but would he survive the attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 295?

The new chapter’s release date

According to BlockToro, after My Hero Academia Chapter 295’s release on Thursday, Dec. 17, it will go on a break.

So, fans have to wait before they see its continuation in Chapter 296. There may be a major cliffhanger or a time skip that may happen to keep fans hanging and waiting.

When My Hero Academia Chapter 295 ends, Chapter 296 will start anew.

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