‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 296 to reveal the most heartbreaking scenes

My Hero Academia Chapter 296

Fans will surely shed a tear on My Hero Academia Chapter 296. After the raw scans and spoilers drop, it shows a heartbreaking chapter that readers will never forget.

There will be a lot of deaths and destruction in My Hero Academia Chapter 296. Although the Pro Heroes wins the war, the cost is too much for them to take.

The heartbreaking war

According to BlockToro, the central League of Villain members have escaped the war after wreaking havoc in the city.

Deku, Bakugo, Shoto, Endeavor, and other Pro Heroes’ primary members have sustained significant injuries that make even Japan’s people lose hope.

The war results in Midnight’s death, and it will have a massive impact on the U.A. High School students.

Kirishima and Mina cry their hearts out as they hold Midnight’s hands for the last time after they see her lifeless body in the rubble.

Sadly, she may not be the only hero who meets her demise. There may also be many people who died as everyone is still trying to clean the rubbles.

Kohei Horikoshi has perfectly shown the public’s emotion in My Hero Academia Chapter 296 as they all want to leave Japan with all the dangers it brings. Sadly, they don’t have the money to do so.

Endeavor is now pictured as a villain. After discovering his eldest son, Dabi, is still alive, the latter tried to kill his youngest child, Shoto.

So, aside from the physical injuries, he is also emotionally hurt. As this chapter continues, fans may witness a major time jump to heal everyone’s wounds and hearts.

Shigaraki’s struggle

Elsewhere, My Hero Academia Chapter 296 will also feature Shigaraki, as he struggles with AFO who wants to take control of his body.

Also, fans may again witness a rematch between him and Deku, along with a shocking revelation about a particular character.

Is it about Shigaraki?

Twitter user Atshushi hints something may happen to the villain in the next chapter in a tweet. “What’s waiting for Shigaraki at the end?” he tweeted, per Devdiscourse.

This may mean AFO is waiting for Shigaraki, or it may even pertain to Nana Shimura.

The intense chapter’s release date

Meanwhile, although Horikoshi doesn’t opt for a Holiday hiatus, the manga’s publisher takes a Christmas and New Year break.

So, by the looks of it, fans have to wait a little more before they see My Hero Academia Chapter 296. The manga will not be out this week, as it will drop in the first week of January 2021.

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021.

Featured image used courtesy of Crunchyroll Collection/YouTube Screenshot

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