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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 297: Gran Torino’s death, All For One’s return


My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will experience a delay as the manga goes on a one-week hiatus. But when it returns, it will feature a new arc as it also continues to deal with the previous battle’s aftermath.

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will reveal what happened to the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains after the epic fight. Anyhow, as the official leaks and spoilers are yet to be out, fans now cast their predictions on what may happen.

Chapter 297 spoilers, predictions, and more

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 revealed the heroes who had met their demise after the PLF war. Aside from Midnight, other heroes also died.

So, in Chapter 297, it will show who among the fan-favorite characters have sustained severe injuries and survived. It may also reveal the truth about Gran Torino’s untimely death on his hospital bed, BlockToro noted.

Fans may see Ochaco Uraraka’s decision to leave the hero business after witnessing the destruction. To recall, Endeavor has also successfully ruined their good image.

Uraraka seems to show a lot of red flags as of late. My Hero Academia Chapter 297 will reveal if the rumors are true that she is the real Himio Toga, hiding behind Uraraka’s personality.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Atsushi dropped a show preview for the new chapter.

“The worst is not over yet,” he tweeted.

According to International Business Times, it seems to hint at All For One’s return, teasing far worse things are about to happen. Will fans once again see the Sensei?

Chapter 296 recap, Chapter 297 release date

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 started with the heroes, villains, and civilians dealing with the battle’s aftermath.

The survivors were at the frontline, while others rushed to ground zero to stop Shigaraki. Alternatively, the Near High-Ends collaborated and started the disruption strategies.

However, Shigaraki and a few civilians had managed to escape, while the heroes had captured Gigantomachia and Mr. Compress.

In total, the heroes had arrested 16,929 individuals, while 132 escaped. On the other hand, the Paranormal Liberation Front’s supporters were in custody for questioning.

The previous chapter also featured the heroes and civilians’ mental state as they tried to deal with the situation. A good number of heroes wanted to give up after seeing the ruins.

They found the destruction too much to deal with, so they were thinking of quitting. Yaomomo, Mina, and Kirishima mourned Midnight’s death, while Shigaraki’s revival was explained.

What will happen next will be seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 297. It is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 17, on VIZ Media, Shonen Jump, and MangaPlus platforms and websites.

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