‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 297 teases heartbreaking, emotional turn of events

My Hero Academia Chapter 297

After the War Arc comes to an end, Kohei Horikoshi teased My Hero Academia Chapter 297 would be heartbreaking.

The Japanese manga artist even revealed he teared up after working on My Hero Academia Chapter 297. This only meant that a new chapter could be very emotional that might also affect fans.

Chapter 297 spoilers, theories, and more

According to BlockToro, there are theories there will be a prison break in Chapter 297. Allegedly, Shigaraki will help the League of Villains, led by All For One, escape the Tartarus prison and other major villains.

This gives birth to theories that the next storyline would feature the Tartarus Prison Break arc.

After All For One asked Shigaraki to break out his body in Chapter 296, other League of Villains members might follow suit.

There are many villains in Tartarus Prison, too, like Stain, Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul, and Kurogiri, among others. With the threat of a jailbreak, the public may see these antagonists on the streets.

Will they be all seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 297?

Chapter 296 recap and hiatus

My Hero Academia Chapter 296 featured the end of the War Arc. This chapter alone had dramatically changed the world for both the heroes and the villainsComicbook noted.

They all sustained major wounds, both physically and emotionally, that they had to tend to in the future.

Sadly, before fans would get to see what would happen next in My Hero Academia Chapter 297, the anime went to a brief hiatus.

Anyhow, as Twitter user Atsushi teased the “worst is not over yet,” there might be a more intense turn of events happening in the new chapter.

The new installment would surely explore the Class 1-A students as they tried to deal with the previous war’s disheartening effects. After thousands of heroes and villains clashed and the public eyed the initial badly, what would be the future of these aspirant heroes?

Fans would soon see what would be the heroes’ future in My Hero Academia Chapter 297. It would drop on Thursday, Jan. 14, after a two-week break.

Its raw scans and spoilers are expected to make rounds online a few days before its official release date. However, it may not happen at all after Japan recently implemented a stricter anti-piracy law, prohibiting releasing anime and manga leaks.

Hence, fans may only get the My Hero Academia Chapter 297 update through its official previews and updates. This way, they can continuously support the creators and other people working behind the scenes.

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