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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 298 to feature the worst after Tartarus prison break


Things may get worse in My Hero Academia Chapter 298. After Chapter 297’s spoilers and leaks drop, it seems to paint a bad future for the Pro Heroes.

Chapter 297 will see the breakout of the supervillains from the Tartarus Prison. Led by All for One himself, fans may already have an idea of how things will transpire in My Hero Academia Chapter 298.

Chapter 298 spoilers and predictions

The Hero Society is now fractured, and the powerful villains are on the street, posing a big threat to the nation. By the looks of it, Kohei Horikoshi fully decides to take the manga to a darker path, making things harder for the Pro Heroes.

In the new chapter’s preview, it teased, “Army Darkness… Unleashed into the World,” per BlockToro. It seems to hint that the supervillains will be lurking around the city, gathering their new army, and unleashing terror all over the world.

A number of heroes are dead or injured, while citizens already lost their trust in them. So, if a new army of villains will emerge, it poses a big threat for everyone in My Hero Academia Chapter 298.

Some villains who will escape from the prison are Muscular, Moonfish, Overhaul, and All For One himself. These antagonists may be seen on the loose from Chapter 298 forward.

Chapter 297 recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 297 showed there were still a lot of civilians trapped in the rubble. The heroes tried their best to keep the villains, but 100 of them managed to escape, including Shigaraki.

The next scene showed a group of students, who looked devastated after seeing a lifeless Midnight, per Screenrant. Sadly, she became one of the many casualties, along with other known characters, like the villain Twice.

To honor the lost lives, the manga dedicated an entire page to show the fallen heroes. Without a sweat, Endeavor had dramatically changed their lives after the war.

The manga perfectly showed how one’s obsession could ruin everything. So, whose obsession it was? Shigaraki.

His hunger for power and the hero system’s destruction resulted in an epic war that hurt both the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains. From here, All for One may start to take over Shigaraki and his body to signal the Nomu.

However, as Shigaraki seems to escape all the dangers, his survival means far worst things are happening in My Hero Academia Chapter 298.

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 will drop on Sunday, Jan. 24.

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