‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 299: All Might to defend Deku from supervillains

My Hero Academia Chapter 299

All Might may defend Deku in the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 299. The tritagonist will be keeping his student’s company in the hospital after the latter sustained major injuries.

Things still don’t look good for the heroes in My Hero Academia Chapter 299. Although Bakugo and Shoto have woken up, they are yet to be fully recovered.

Chapter 299 spoilers, predictions, and more

It looks like a number of students and teachers are now in the hospital after the epic war, BlockToro noted. Shigaraki has successfully helped All For One and other major villains escaped the Tartarus prison.

The group is now planning to wreak havoc on the whole country, and it doesn’t look good for the Pro Heroes and the people.

Deku is the main target of the supervillains. In My Hero Academia Chapter 299, there may be a fight like the Spider-Man comics’ Sinister Six.

However, knowing All Might is there, he will not let anyone touch Deku, especially now that he is lying unconsciously in the hospital bed. All Might knows something terrible may happen, so he is keeping his guards up.

He may fend off all the villains that will try to attack Deku. Anyhow, when he depowers, Deku may finally wake up and fight the sextet.

The manga’s way to the dark path

Kohei Horikoshi has taken a major dark turn since the new arc began. The creator himself doesn’t keep anyone safe—not even student heroes, who are all badly injured.

“Villain’s forces have grown stronger and made heroes in pinch!” My Hero Academia Chapter 299 preview read. “The story takes a new turn!”

In addition, All For One is getting too bossy, giving Shigaraki orders. His behavior does not sit well for Spinner and other League of Villains members.

Even Shigaraki says he wants to have his own free will, and it may cause a war between them.

Aside from the war between the heroes and villains, there may be a fight within the LoV.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 release date

In no time, fans will finally see what will happen next in My Hero Academia Chapter 299. It is set to be on out Sunday, Jan. 31, per the official manga sources.

On the other hand, its raw scans will be revealed two to three days before the official release date comes. So, it may fall on Thursday, Jan. 28, or Friday, Jan. 29.

However, fans are advised to wait for My Hero Academia Chapter 299’s official release and English translations instead so that they can help the creators and workers alike.

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