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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 299: Hawks’ backstory, Best Jeanist’s return from the dead revealed!


My Hero Academia Chapter 299 full summary’s now out, and it’s currently trending on Twitter. The new chapter’s now the talk of the town after the spoilers tease Hawks’ backstory and Best Jeanist’s return from the dead.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 doesn’t only make noise in the manga world, but in the Twitter universe, too. There’s a bunch of hashtags related to the next installment and so, what the talk’s all about?

Hawks’ backstory

The new chapter will begin with a flashback and Hawk’s voice, narrating about Heroes’ existence.

The next scene shows his mother yelling at him after visiting the city. He tries to explain himself, saying his wings sting, but it stops halfway, so he returns home.

His father also yells at him and calls him a liar, per BlockToro. As the narration continues, Hawks reveals his dad has killed someone because of money, and his mom helps him hide it. From here, he’s born.

The next panel illustrates how his father hurts him, kicking his back while standing back in front of him. The abuse goes on, and it has come to the point when his dad regrets the day he’s born in My Hero Academia Chapter 299.

Hawks says he has managed to endure the series of abuses as he doesn’t want to have a broken family. He says this while holding his Endeavor plush toy.

When his father leaves him and his mom, Endeavor comes to ask him “about that,” which makes Hawks shock to see a hero in person.

The commission finds Hawks and his mom, who also verbally abuses him, and offers them full support to start anew. All their ties with Takami are also all erased.

Best Jeanist’s return from the dead

The scene then shifts to the present time, showing Hawks and Best Jeanist in a car. While driving, Best Jeanist is glad to see Hawks awake, thinking he’s already dead.

Thanks to the Central Hospital, Hawks is still alive. Best Jeanist, too, has undergone a serious surgery that puts him in a dead state so that he can avoid getting caught as a spy.

He has to submit his real body, which makes Dabi thinks that he’s dead. They then put his body with the Domus so that they can return him to life in the future.

Anyhow, Hawks has managed to bring Best Jeanist’s body that makes him alive today in My Hero Academia Chapter 299.

Hawks and Best Jeanist then go to the house of the initial’s mother. Here, she leaves a letter where she bids her apologize to Hawks.

She then reveals a man arrives at their house and asks her to tell the truth. This man is said to be Dabi, and she probably tells him everything.

Anyhow, Hawks doesn’t mind it, as the commission has erased all their connection. As the Hero commission is now going down, he is a free man who can do everything.

Also, no matter what Dabi says about Endeavor, Hawks still wants to help him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 299 now trending

This new chapter’s intense turn of events makes it the talk on social media. Comicbook even noted it’s now trending on Twitter.

As the spoilers drop, some fans want some other things to happen in the series. Now, it’s only a matter of time to see if the Kohei Horikoshi will hear their cries when My Hero Academia Chapter 299 drops on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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