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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 299: The battle between Dabi, Shoto


My Hero Academia Chapter 299 will continuously feature the aftermath of the Tartarus prison break. The villains, led by All For One, consistently threaten the heroes, although almost all are in the hospital.

Kohei Horikoshi has perfectly written a storyline where the villains have successfully defeated the heroes, and fans love it. As the battle continues in My Hero Academia Chapter 299, will the antagonists still win this time?

Chapter 299 leaks and spoilers

Dabi, aka Touya, has burned his brother’s throat, but it looks Shoto is about to take his revenge. He may take down his sibling soon, and this is a scene fans need to see.

According to BlockToro, Shoto believes Endeavor can’t hurt Dabi, and the same thing may happen again if these two face each other.

So, a Shoto versus Dabi rematch is bound to happen soon. Though it may not occur in My Hero Academia Chapter 299, it may happen in the future.

The entire UA High School seems to be in the hospital now after the war with the villains. They are all recovering from the major injuries they sustained from the fight.

Even Deku looks worst after what happened to him, but he may soon wake up in the new chapter. From here, the intense fights may once again begin.

My Hero Academia Chapter 999 preview

My Hero Academia Chapter 999 preview revealed the story would take a remarkable turn, International Business Times noted.

Twitter user Atshushi revealed a new chapter’s summary, teasing the villains’ forces had “grown stronger,” making the heroes pinch. “The story takes a new turn!” it teased.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 297, All For One declared this era would “give a rise to a more perfect demon lord.” He even claimed that he would be “the greatest demon lord of all.”

Chapter 998 recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 298 started with a flashback scene, showing the Jaku Hospital raid and Redestro.

The villains continuously destroyed the prison six hours after the breach, resulting in its fall. The villains even attacked other jails to free more convicts.

All For One then addressed the remaining League of Villains members after taking over Shigaraki’s body.

The scene then went to the heroes, showing Bakugo waking up while looking annoyed after taking off the oxygen mask.

His team members were all happy to see him in his old form. However, he couldn’t help but worry for Deku, Todoroki, and Endeavor.

He then rushed to see Deku, who was in a comatose state, while All Might was seated next to him.

What will happen next will continue in My Hero Academia Chapter 299. It is set to be out on Sunday, Jan. 31.

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