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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 301 may make things worse for Endeavor


My Hero Academia Chapter 300 is just about to drop, but spoilers about My Hero Academia Chapter 301 are now swirling online.

Kohei Horikoshi has taken the manga on a dark path. By the looks of it, My Hero Academia Chapter 301 may see the worst.

After Dabi, who revealed himself as Toya, tried to ruin his father’s image, Endeavor, the latter may finally face his son.

The father and son’s face-to-face

According to BlockToro, the new episode’s preview revealed that Endeavor is about to play his two roles in life—a father and a hero.

Sure, Endeavor loves his son, but this may be the best time for him to finally face Dabi. If he can’t he may “give up being a hero.”

Endeavor is, reportedly, left crying and heartbroken after what happened. The Todorokis are going through a family crisis, and things may even turn for the worst in My Hero Academia Chapter 301.

The next storyline may also feature more about the villains, who have been continuously wreaking havoc on the city.

These antagonists are taking advantage of their newfound freedom after the Tartarus prison break, and the heroes are still recuperating in the hospital.

Stain, Overhaul, Muscular, Moonfish, and All For One are just some of the story’s primary villains. Now, they are maybe planning to put the Pro Heroes down.

However, despite being in the same group, they seem to have a problem with each other.

Stain argues with the League of Villains over the release of other outlaws. From here, there may be an internal fight brewing between them in My Hero Academia Chapter 301.

Chapter 300 now trending worldwide

Meanwhile, although My Hero Academia Chapter 300 is just about to drop, it is now trending worldwide.

Fans are now sharing their hopes as to what may happen next in the series, Comicbook noted.

The manga has been in emotional turmoil. Everything started in the Paranormal Liberation Raid arc, featuring thousands of dead—even the heroes themselves.

Now, the heroes seem to be disabled after Dabi made his claims against them. The top pros are now doing their best to figure out what they will do next to clear their image again.

My Hero Academia Chapter 300 will drop on Sunday, Feb. 7. On the other hand, My Hero Academia Chapter 301 will be out next week, Sunday, Feb. 14. Fortunately, there will be no break between the two chapters, so fans will know what will happen next in no time.

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