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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 301 to feature Endeavor’s backstory


My Hero Academia Chapter 301 leaks and spoilers are now out, and the summary teases the backstory of Endeavor.

Several theories are surrounding My Hero Academia Chapter 301. As there have been longstanding assumptions that it will feature the Todoroki family, the leaks seem to confirm it’s true.

The beginning of the Todoroki family

Twitter user redandblonde420 revealed the new chapter would begin with a young Enji meeting Rei’s family. He has decided to propose to his then-future wife, and her family believes she’s the best man for her.

After they get married, the scene then shifts to the present time, showing Rei at the hospital. She tells Endeavor she has come to see him as she doesn’t feel well.

Dabi then enters the scene, bragging about his father, who will never die because he’s too strong. However, he wants Endeavor to suffer and see the pain in his face.

He then calls out Enji, Rei, Natsu, Fuyumi, and Shoto, asking them to look at Endeavor with pity.

The panel then returns to the past, showing Endeavor stopping Touya’s training. The latter insists he will continue training, but his father believes he’s not ready yet.

The scene comes back to Rei and Endeavor at the hospital, talking to the doctor about Touya’s condition.

The change in Touya’s life

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 spoilers continue with Touya’s attempt to convince his father that he can bear the pain and burn.

Anyhow, the little Fuyumi can’t help but be worried for her brother, per International Business Times. Touya seems to be excited to surpass All Might, and his father will be the one who burns him.

But when Endeavor confesses to his son that there’s no way he can excel All Might, he breaks his little son’s heart. Natsuo is then born, while Endeavor is doing his best to be as great as All Might.

On the other hand, Touya trains harder, and he wants his father to notice, but the latter wants him to stop once again.

Touya doesn’t listen and uses his quirk instead. Rei wants his kid to cool down, but he stresses the fire in him will continue burning. He even swears that his life is going to change.

He starts calling his father by his name. At the end of the flashback scene, Touya attacks Shoto.

The scene returns to the current time, showing Rei blaming Endeavor for Touya’s change, becoming Dabi.

It then cuts out to the revelation that Rei is from a prestigious family called Himura.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 is set to be out on Sunday, February 14.

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