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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 301: Will fans finally meet Deku’s father?


My Hero Academia Chapter 301 may feature more about the heroes’ families. However, apart from the Todorokis, fans may see more of the Midoriyas.

There are rumors fans are about to meet Deku’s father in My Hero Academia Chapter 301. As the protagonist has been in the hospital for weeks now, he may get a visit from his dad.

The shift to a family drama

There are theories the next chapter will mostly focus on the Todoroki family drama. However, this may also be the best time to meet the Midoriya clan.

Nothing is much known about Deku’s family. Although fans already saw his mom, his father’s identity remains a mystery, per BlockToro.

So, there are claims Deku’s father will finally be seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 301. This time, he may pay a visit to his son.

There are also assumptions that the Midoriya patriarch can be seen in a memory or a flashback. Fans may see it from Deku’s point of view, as he may remember his father.

Who could Deku’s dad be?

Though Deku sees All Might as a father figure, he’s not his biological dad. There are absurd rumors that All for One could be Deku’s father, but that remains to be seen.

Anyhow, the manga itself seems to confirm that the name of his father is Hisashi Midoriya, and fans may soon meet him.

Endeavor’s dilemma

If My Hero Academia Chapter 301 will indeed feature more about the Midoriya family, it may focus on Endeavor’s problem.

He is now thinking of his Hero status after Dabi’s revelations, and he may be quitting the Pro Hero group because of it. However, as everyone seems to be leaving the Hero Society, who will look after the city now?

The place is getting very dangerous, knowing that All for One and other major villains are wreaking havoc all over the city, per Devidiscourse.

The League of Villains themselves, along with the newly-escaped prisoners, like Overhaul, Muscular, Stain, and Moonfish, are on the loose. So, there is a dire need for a hero like Endeavor.

However, as the public now hates the Flame Hero and the other heroes are still recuperating in the hospital, is there still hope for peace?

It looks like this is the best time for Endeavor to play the role of a father and a hero at the same time. He may finally face Dabi or give up being a Hero this time.

What will happen next will be seen on My Hero Academia Chapter 301 when it drops on Sunday, Feb. 14, at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

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