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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 302 may explore Rei’s origin


All eyes are now on My Hero Academia Chapter 302 after Chapter 301 spoilers and summary drop. It looks the Todoroki family drama will continue, and fans will see Rei’s backstory and her real origin.

Titled “Mischief of Fire – Part 2,” My Hero Academia Chapter 302 may continue the events of the previous chapter, telling the past story of the Todoroki family. After revealing what made Touya change, will the father and son finally face each other?

The continuation of the Todoroki family’s story

According to BlockToro, the new chapter may show Rei meeting his son, Touya, and convincing him to “give the quest for revenge.”

“The past becomes clear! Next chapter, the family is….” Chapter 302’s preview read.

If Chapter 301 focuses on Endeavor, his wife, and Touya’s backstory, the next installment may tell more of Rei’s past.

After it was revealed that she came from a prestigious and noble family called Himura, its long history might be explored.

Fans may get to see Rei’s past life before she married Endeavor in My Hero Academia Chapter 302. Although she knows that their marriage would just be because of her quirk, the reason why she agreed may also be revealed.

Rei also admits that she has something to do with Dabi’s change, and the next chapter may also tell more about this.

The fall of the Hero Society

After the Paranormal Liberation Front raid, the Hero Society has been left damaged. The villains are now on the loose, and the No. 1 Pro Hero, Endeavor, is currently suffering a mental breakdown.

Deku also remains in the hospital and in a coma, while other heroes are still recuperating. To add fuel to the fire, a lot of heroes are quitting the group, and the citizens are losing their trust in them.

Is there still hope for the city?

The revelations about Endeavor even make the matter worse. His insecurities toward All Might come to the surface, Screenrant noted.

He does everything he can to match All Might’s ability, like marrying Rei to have the best combination of quirks. His family also suffers psychological and physical abuse from him, resulting in Touya’s change and Rei’s hospitalization.

By the looks of it, no one is safe—not even a hero’s family. Will the heroes still manage to come out of this situation?

As the story about Endeavor continues, it looks like My Hero Academia still has a lot of storylines to feature before the Hero Society rises again.

My Hero Academia may drop on Sunday, Feb. 21.

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