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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 302: Todoroki family to face Touya together


My Hero Academia Chapter 302 will continue the story of the Todoroki family. Titled “The Wrong Way to Put Out Fire, Part 2,” it will show how Touya has officially become Dabi.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 spoilers are now out, and it seems to hint at a battle between the Todoroki family and Touya. It will tell in great detail what incites Touya to hate his father so much and turn into a formidable villain.

A madder Touya

Twitter user Deku’s Notebook revealed the English translation of the next episode’s draft leaks, showing everything that might happen next.

Endeavor didn’t let any of the kids went closer to Shoto following Touya’s attack. After five years, he then pushed Shoto to train while his brothers could play.

Touya watched them from afar with his devil eyes. He admitted it was a mistake to attack his brother, but he insisted that his father was wrong.

He kept making kids, and when he didn’t like their quirks, he would throw them away, like what he did to him.

Anyhow, Natsuo couldn’t absorb what Touya was saying that made the latter more upset in My Hero Academia Chapter 302. He then said all the women in their family were a failure, so he opted not to talk to them.

The scene then shifted to Rei, who stopped Touya from training in the mountain. She advised her to look at somebody else as an inspiration and not his father, which made him madder.

He then mocked his mother, saying she was just sold to Endeavor because her parents were poor, and that’s why he was born.

The development of Touya’s quirk

At the age of 13, Touya already knew how to use Blue Flame, triggered by his emotional excitement and the change in his body.

He wanted to show it to his father so that he could make him proud, but he only got mad.

Endeavor then confronted his wife and might have hit her, asking why she didn’t do anything to stop Touya from training.

Shoto would then try to stop her father, but he only asked him to stay away. Rei then revealed there was nothing she could do to stop Touya in My Hero Academia Chapter 302.

This scene made Touya more upset that his tears turned into flames that ended up burning his whole body.

A battle within the family

As Endeavor didn’t teach him how to control the flame’s increase level, Touya didn’t know how to do so, and it left him burning.

This incident resulted in a gap in the family. Natsuo blamed Endeavor for Touya’s change, but he knew he had faults, too.

If he just faced Touya before, he would never have transformed to become Dabi. Rei then said they were all responsible for what happened to Touya.

Shoto then talked to her mother and asked her permission to face Touya if Endeavor couldn’t do so.

However, he knew he couldn’t do it alone, and so they would all join forces to stop Touya together.

Hence, the new episode’s preview was read as, “They can’t stop here! Let’s Go Endeavor!!”

My Hero Academia Chapter 302 is set to be out on Sunday, Feb. 21.

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