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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 303: Endeavor’s return to action


My Hero Academia Chapter 303 will take fans back to the real world after the Todoroki family drama and flashbacks.

Fans will once again see some action in My Hero Academia Chapter 303. By the looks of it, Endeavor is done crying and will begin fighting.

The return to action

According to BlockToro, Hawks and Best Jeanist have been listening to the entire Todoroki family drama in the hospital.

Despite being emotional, these two are confident that Endeavor will eventually solve his problem.

Hawks and Endeavor have worked together for a long while that the initial know the latter will not give up that easily.

Rei also reveals she is also responsible for Dabi’s dramatic change, and it may help Endeavor knowing he is not the only one behind it.

On the other hand, Best Jeanist seems to be not entirely affected by the recent fight. He still has a positive outlook on what may happen next for someone who just rose from the dead.

However, despite still recovering from his injuries, Shoto will do his best to rise and fight again in My Hero Academia Chapter 303.

After he told Endeavor to wipe off his tears and prepare himself to face Dabi, Shoto might help the No. 1 Pro Hero.

Chapter 302 recap

In My Hero Academia Chapter 302, fans continuously saw the heartbreaking story of the Todoroki family.

After Toya suddenly attacked Shoto, Endeavor decided to keep his latter son away from his siblings. He said he was too busy working to look after Shoto, so he only hired some help, International Business Times noted.

Anyhow, Rei wanted his husband to put his focus on Toya instead, saying his kid wanted him to see his growth and progress.

Endeavor refused and said he could only be in the world of heroes that made Rei upset, asking him if he was trying to run away from their family problems.

The manga then featured a five-year time jump, showing Natsuo and Fuyumi asking Toya if he wanted to play.

Shoto, who could only eye his siblings, asked his father if he could join them to play. Sadly, Endeavor ignored his question and said he belonged to a different world compared to his siblings.

He also wanted Shoto to train his full capacity. On the other hand, Toya continuously trained without anyone knowing.

He then managed to change his fire from red to blue and learned his power had something to do with his feelings. He now knew how to work it out, whipping out a big fire if he wanted to.

However, when he invited Endeavor to see his power, he just refused. This broke Toya’s heart that eventually led to his dramatic transformation to become the big bad, Dabi.

What happens next will be next seen on the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 303 on Sunday, Feb. 28.

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