‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 305 to explore more about Deku’s quirks and more

My Hero Academia Chapter 305

A lot is going on in Deku’s head in My Hero Academia Chapter 305. Though he remains unconscious, he has managed to talk to the past One for All users and learned more about his quirks.

Many have been said about the All for One quirks, its past users, and Deku being the last inheritor. With revelations new and old, everything will be explored when My Hero Academia Chapter 305 drops.

Discussion with past One for All users

Deku is still asleep in his hospital bed with All Might by his side. The No.1 Pro Hero knows his protege is talking with the former One for All users.

All Might knows this is an excellent opportunity for Deku to learn more about his quirks.

So, in My Hero Academia Chapter 305, Deku may tell about his experience and everything he has learned.

According to Recent Highlights, One for All is not an ordinary quirk. It can transcend time, and the One for All’s inner realm is the key to its existence.

Its current user, Deku, has a shared psyched with its previous users. That’s why they can still interact with each other, despite their deaths.

Deku is now in their realm and confronting each of them–the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh users. The second and third users, on the other hand, are out of sight.

Telling the Truth to Deku

The past users want to tell the truth about their quirks to Deku. A lot of mysteries surround one for All, and it may be revealed in My Hero Academia Chapter 305.

As Deku’s powers have incredibly grown in the last four months, this talk happened.

Deku doesn’t have to be unconscious to communicate with them anymore. With his renewed ability, he can freely connect with them anytime he wants so.

Chapter 304 recap

All Might tried to look for Deku’s One for All within him in My Hero Academia Chapter 304. He also worried about the recent fight with Tomura, thinking if other heroes were safe, OtakuKart News noted.

Elsewhere, Deku was in the vestige world, and the first user told him how he managed to connect with him in his consciousness.

He then revealed that his power was increasing to the point that it reached the limit where the vestiges could freely connect.

By the looks of it, there would be a lot of revelations when My Hero Academia Chapter 305 drops on Sunday, Mar. 14.

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