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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 306: Here’s what Deku may do to Shigaraki


Nana Shimura asks Deku a surprising question if he can kill his grandson, Shigaraki. Knowing Deku doesn’t want any blood spill to happen, can he do what the seventh One for All Quirk user asked of him in My Hero Academia Chapter 306?

Deku has promised to end Shigaraki’s life, but he will only do it if the situation demands him to do so. As long as he can, Deku will try to save Shigaraki. Will it begin in My Hero Academia Chapter 306?

A tale of Shigaraki

According to BlockToro, the new chapter may mainly focus on Shigaraki. Just like the other characters’ origin storylines, fans may see his backstory here.

It may reveal what pushes the League of Villains leader to be a “heartless, cold-blooded murderer.”

Deku and Shigaraki are somewhat parallel to each other with the same One for All that they have. So, fans may also know both versions of their stories in the next installment.

Deku has proven himself a formidable One-for-All user to the past Quirk users and All Might.

All Might himself has proven that Deku is a kind-hearted person who only uses his abilities to save people and not to kill the villains.

So, in My Hero Academia Chapter 306, he has to make a tough decision on what he will do to Shigaraki.

After he said he would try to save the series’ primary antagonist, did it mean he would try to talk to him?

Deku may give Shigaraki a chance to change. If he doesn’t so, they may have a final blow that will reveal Shigaraki’s fate.

Deku may have no choice but to kill Shigaraki to save other heroes and the people in the series if he doesn’t change.

Chapter 305 recap

In My Hero Academia Chapter 305, Deku got confused after Nana’s question about his ability to kill Shigaraki.

She then reminded him of his last battle, where he needed to be saved. She then told him that the One for All’s inheritors’ hearts, and minds were one, so they could feel his pain.

However, Daigoro cleared not everyone felt the same thing, OtakuKart News noted. He explained that if All for One was torturing Shigaraki, it didn’t mean he needed their help.

He added that he held All for One’s body and mind with the way he was raised. It was also the result of trying to steal One for All.

Daigoro admitted All for One had been trying to steal One for All, including him, but they all failed.

What happens from here will be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 306 drops on Sunday, March 21.

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