‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 308 Delay: Here’s why Kohei Horikoshi asks for one-week break

My Hero Academia Chapter 308

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 has experienced a significant delay. Its release date has been on and off lately until Kohei Horikoshi officially asked for a break.

Horikoshi is, reportedly, sick and has to rest for a little while, so there’ll be another My Hero Academia Chapter 308 delay. With this break, when will fans finally see the new chapter out?

The on-and-off break

It was first announced that the mangaka would take a break, so the new chapter would not drop on its supposed release date on April 4.

He then revoked this announcement and revealed Chapter 208 would stick to its original schedule, OtakuKart News noted.

There were also beliefs that he pushed it through so that it would be out on Shigaraki’s birthday.

However, another announcement was made, and this time, Horikoshi himself asked for a one-week rest after falling ill.

An official statement about the delay

Later, the manga’s team released an official statement about the My Hero Academia Chapter 308 delay.

“Thank you for reading and giving love to My Hero Academia,” the letter stated, per Comicbook. “Due to health reasons of the author, we will not be having [a] My Hero Academia chapter this week.”

It then asked for an apology to the people who waited for the new chapter’s release this week.

“We are planning to resume the chapter in next week’s JUMP no. 19 (released on April 12),” it added. “Please keep supporting My Hero Academia from now on as well.”

Fortunately, there’s no worst reason why the new chapter didn’t make it. Horikoshi just felt sick and needed all the rest he could get to recuperate.

The anime’s return

When My Hero Academia Chapter 308 finally comes out, it will continue Deku’s new journey as the manga has entered its final act.

The series has officially ended the fight between the Paranormal Liberation Front and the heroes. But it doesn’t mean there’ll be no battles involving the Pro Heroes anymore.

As the League of Villains now has other allies, who are wreaking havoc all over the place, it’s only a matter of time before another war ensues.

Also, Deku has made a huge life-changing decision. He left academia to go on a journey of his own and save everyone he knows from Shigaraki’s threat.

As the potential final host of One for All, he will surely take the best care for it in My Hero Academia Chapter 308 forward.

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