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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 309: Deku to end Muscular fight


Deku and Muscular’s fight will continue in My Hero Academia Chapter 309. He will try his best to stop the Jailbreaker from wreaking havoc all over the city and hurting Shindo.

Deku came at the right time to save Shindo from the hands of Muscular. As this will be the second time they will face each other, will Deku win over Muscular again in My Hero Academia Chapter 309?

A new chapter preview

Twitter user Aitaikimochi gave fans a glimpse of what might happen in the next installment via International Business Times.

It details the fight happening between the two and how Deku will continue it.

“Deku still continues on alone, but what exactly will happen during that time…!?” the tweet read.

Deku is fighting the enemy by himself after leaving the UA Academy and other heroes for their safety.

It has been known that Ishigaraki has been hunting Deku. So, anyone close to him will be put in danger.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 309, he may finally end the fight with Muscular.

However, Deku may not finish him off entirely without knowing his reason for attacking the city and its people.

Chapter 308 events

Deku finally arrived at the battlefield and saved Shindo from Musuclar’s hands. Also known as Grand, the villain was thrashing the third-year student when Deku came.

Deku quickly smashed Muscular, who remembered his voice. He then said he would never forget Deku and asked if he’s the real Izuku Midoriya, OtakuKart News noted.

He called him a little boy and said he missed him so much and he was already tired of playing with weak heroes.

Muscular cleared he was not seeking revenge after what happened to them. He only wanted to go wild with his quirk, adding he taught Deku how to make fun in their previous face-off.

Deku tried his best to protect Shindo while Muscular continuously delivered his spiel.

He was looking for a safer place to put Shindo, but the enemy was continuously causing destruction all over the area.

Muscular was trying to catch Deku and invited him to go in an all-out fight. Tatami Nakagame, on the other hand, was wondering how Deku would fight Muscular with the volume of dust surrounding them.

What would happen from here could be next seen in My Hero Academia Chapter 309. The new episode would drop on Sunday, April 18, on Viz Media and Shueisha’s MangaPlus.

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