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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 310: Past OFA users seem to question Deku’s ability


My Hero Academia Chapter 310 spoilers are now circulating online, and Deku will again take the spotlight.

Titled “Mentor and Pupil,” My Hero Academia Chapter 310 will feature a flashback scene to the Vestige. Here, fans are about to see the past One for All users’ desire for Deku to master his quirks and defeat Shigaraki.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

New chapter summary, spoilers, and more

Twitter user Atsu shared the new chapter’s summary with translations by Red and Blonde 240.

It will all begin with Deku saving a woman with a mutant quirk from citizens’ attack after mistaking her for a villain.

The public wonders why she is walking alone at night, which only the antagonists do. She explains she is going to the shelter, thinking she can just hide inside her house.

As things got worse, she decided to leave and even if it’s in the middle of the night in My Hero Academia Chapter 310.

All Might then passes by, and Deku asks him to help the girl. The former No. 1 Pro Hero then hands him a bento of tonkatsu, and Deku leaves.

The scene then changes into a flashback in the One for All Vestige. The fifth user said time seems to go backward.

Deku then says they still haven’t had enough info about Lov’s whereabouts. There are also not enough people to handle the Jailbreaker.

He explains Shigara and All for One are so strong that no one can stop them.

So, if he will not be able to pull out One for All’s full power, he can’t also stop them.

The past One for All Users wants Deku to unleash the full power of his ability and master his quirks to defeat the enemies.

The Pro Heroes’ collaboration

IBTimes noted My Hero Academia Chapter 310 spoilers claim there may be a collaboration among heroes.

Deku, All Might, and the Top 3 Pro Heroes may work together to finally bring down Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains.

Deku met Gran Torino in the hospital, and he promised him that he would make the villains pay for all of their crimes.

So, fans may witness Deku, All Might, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist crafting a plan to lure the enemies and defeat them altogether.

As the manga has, reportedly, entered its final arc, an intense war between the heroes and villains may soon occur.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 is set to be out on Sunday, April 25.

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