‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 312: The intense battle between Deku, Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Chapter 312

My Hero Academia Chapter 312 spoilers are now out and it reveals the intense face-off of Deku and the Sniper Lady.

Fans are now looking forward to seeing My Hero Academia Chapter 312 after a mysterious female villain arrived in the previous installment. As major villains once again enter the scene, will Shigaraki finally come out?

New chapter leaks, spoilers, and more

Titled “Hired Gun,” the new chapter will begin with a flashback of Deku and Hawk’s talk about his One for All.

According to BlockToro, he advises Deku to relax as Shigaraki and All for One are both weak to steal his power. However, he warns him about the Lady Sniper, who used to be Hawks’ senpai and Hero Public Safety’s supervisor.

This helps Deku to remember who this female villain, who turns out to be Lady Nagant.

Deku uses his Black Whip to run fast, but she hits him with a curve bullet that his Danger Sense can’t even do a thing.

She uses the Rifle quirk that lets her shoot up to three kilometers radius. As Deku manages to escape, Lady Nagant reveals it is the first time she has to shoot someone twice.

Overhaul then enters the scene, but the woman asks him to hide as Deku is about to come.

Another flashback occurs, showing the time when Lady Galant met All for One after the jailbreak.

The latter wants Lady Nagant to bring him Deku, to which she refuses first.

She says the jailbreakers only have to wreak havoc to be released, but All for One explains as long as the kid is around, the society that she wants to have will never happen.

He then gives her an Airwalk quirk as she promises to fulfill her new mission.

Chapter 311 recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 began with Endeavor fighting a group of random villains who used a Nail gun by Detnerat Company against him.

He countered the mighty weapon with his Ignited Arrow that stopped the fight, per Anime Troop.

He then joined Best Jeanist and Hawks as a group of angry protesters approached them and called them “Gods of plague.”

They escaped by heading to a car while Hawks talked to Edge Shot about the Paranormal Liberation Front investigation.

Jeanist and Endeavor started to talk about Deku’s thoughts that All for One planned to take over Shigaraki’s body.

It might be the reason why the antagonists had yet to come out, preparing to face Deku with a vengeance.

What happens next can be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 312 drops on Sunday, May 16.

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