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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 312: Will All Might die or survive?


All eyes are now on My Hero Academia Chapter 312 after All Might’s car exploded. Will the former Pro Hero survive or die?

Things are now getting pretty intense as the final arc continues. As the villains are on the move again, what will be their next plan in My Hero Academia Chapter 312?

The possible demise of a Pro Hero

According to BlockToro, All Might may fake his death. There may even be a funeral happening, though the reason behind this remains to be seen.

Fans may start hating Kohei Horikoshi if he kills a central character like All Might, knowing it is an anti-climactic death.

It is also far that Endeavor will meet his demise despite the public’s hate for him. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist are just behind All Might, ready to fight if a battle arises.

Elsewhere, My Hero Academia Chapter 312 may feature the fight between the new mysterious female villain and Deku.

The latter may use his Danger Sense quirk, so this woman can’t snipe him that easily.

Chapter 311 recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 311 showed the coming of a new woman villain, who warned Deku to come with her or he would lose a limb or two.

The woman was with another villain, named Kai Chisaki, who was also a Tartarus prisoner.

Everything started with Endeavor, fighting off the villains, who used a Nail Gun Support item against him.

This made him wondered if they got it from Detnerat, per IBTimes. He then used his new weapon, Ignited Arrow, against them.

In the next scene, he joined Best Jeanist and Hawks to confirm All for One wasn’t the one behind the coming of the villains he faced.

Angry protestors then approached them and accused Endeavor of still hiding a secret from the people.

The heroes escaped the citizens and headed to Best Jeanist’s car. Hawks was talking to Edgeshot, who he asked to keep on looking for the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Hawks then asked Endeavor and Best Jeanist if they should just let Deku and All Might went further away from them.

Hawks couldn’t help but worry that they would once again receive a huge backlash if the media learned they were working with Deku.

Endeavor agreed as he didn’t want Deku to get into another trouble.

Meanwhile, the heroes believed All for One asked the supervillains from Tartarus to wreak havoc on the city while he planned to steal Deku’s One for All.

It might be All for One’s main priority to hijack Shigaraki’s body and go after Deku’s One for All.

What happens from here will be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 312 drops on Sunday, May 16.

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