‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 313: Will Lady Nagant, Deku end their fight amicably?

My Hero Academia Chapter 313

All eyes are now on My Hero Academia Chapter 313 as it will continue the intense fight between Deku and Lady Nagant.

Fortunately, there is no delay this week and fans will quickly see what will happen next in My Hero Academia Chapter 313. After Lady Nagant almost shot Deku, does this mean the latter will lose the battle?

Deku’s fight against Lady Nagant

According to BlockToro, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist are now on their way to help Deku in his fight against Lady Nagant.

However, they have to save All Might first after his tragic car crash.

Amid the heavy rains, Deku needs to “get into close quarters” with the Sniper Lady so that he can avoid getting hit by her gun.

Deku’s Float and Lady Nagant’s Airwalk Quirks put an equal balance on their abilities, making them equivalent opponents, too.

So, to have the upper hand in the fight, Deku may use the Smokescreen Quirk to block her vision so that she will not see him.

However, the rain may ruin Deku’s plan to defeat Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia Chapter 313.

Although it remains to be seen if the intense fight between the two will finally end in the next chapter, it may conclude soon.

Why All for One hires Lady Nagant?

All for One, reportedly, hires Lady Nagant to capture Deku to bring to him. He seems to be fully confident of her power, knowing she wants to current society destroyed, too.

She wants a reformed place for humans, so All for One promises to fulfill her wish but with one condition.

He wants her to have Deku, per Recent Highlights.

Lady Nagant will find it hard to resist All for One’s offer, so she will later agree. He even gives her a new quirk to use in their battle.

Knowing she is a professional sharpshooter, he is confident that she can face Deku with her extreme power.

He even tries to manipulate Lady Nagant, saying Deku is a thorn in her dream to create a much better society. So, she needs to get rid of him.

If Deku and Lady Nagant will have a chance to talk in My Hero Academia Chapter 313, they may learn that they have the same goal for the city they are living in.

Deku wants the same thing Lady Nagant looks forward to having in this society. Knowing Deku tries to talk to his enemies before he continuously fights them, there may be a massive twist to their storyline.

What happens next can be seen when My Hero Academia Chapter 313 drops on Sunday, May 23.

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