‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 315: The future of Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Chapter 315

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 spoilers have dropped and it reveals the future of Lady Nagant.

Though it can’t be denied that she’s a formidable fighter for Deku, can the latter defeat the lady sniper? Can he save Overhaul from her shot in My Hero Academia Chapter 315?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Plan to Attack Deku

Titled “Beautiful Words,” it shows how Overhaul and Nagant prepare to go after Deku, per BlockToro. The Yakuza captain assures the female villain he knows Deku, comparing him to a brat who ruins his plan.

Later, the two antagonists are seen fighting, with Nagant aiming her gun at Overhaul and shooting him. She thinks Deku will give her a chance to win, but he’s already on the move in My Hero Academia Chapter 315.

The new chapter will then explain the ability of his third quirk, called Fa Jin, which accumulates kinetic energy through repeated movements and release it explosively after that. Deku will couple this move with Black Whip to add frugal force, boosting his speed to go after Nagant.

The Defeat of Nagant

With these quirks combined, he has successfully pushed Overhaul to the ground before Nagant can shoot him. He then prepares to face Nagant and uses Manchester Smash against the enemy.

He manages to smash Nagant’s right arm, destroying her gun while she ends up falling. Despite the threat, Deku still saves her.

The young hero tells her the right thing to do if she really wants to kill Overhaul, adding her heart is still a true hero. Before Nagant can commend Deku back for saving Overhaul despite being a villain, her body begins to crack and explode in My Hero Academia Chapter 315.

All for One’s Reaction

The scene then shifts to All for One. As he knows people’s hearts can change, he prepares himself for a possible breach of contract Nagant will make. She makes her body explode.

He pities Nagant for being used by others again and blames her quirk for what happened to her.

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 ends with Hawks’ feathers flying toward Nagant’s body, ending up burning. However, Hawks’ wings still manage to recover.

Fans will see these and more when My Hero Academia Chapter 315 drops on Sunday, June 6, at noon Eastern Time. Fortunately, there will be no break this time, so what will happen next can be seen next week, June 16.

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