‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 315: Will Deku save Overhaul?

My Hero Academia Chapter 315

The intense fight between Lady Nagant and Deku is about to reach its peak in My Hero Academia Chapter 315.

The previous chapter ended with a significant cliffhanger after Deku saw Chisaki, aka Overhaul, with Lady Nagant. As My Hero Academia Chapter 315 will surely address this big reveal, will Deku try to save him?

The resolve of the previous chapter’s major cliffhanger

Overhaul is surprisingly working alongside Lady Nagant and the new chapter may reveal the reason behind it.

Deku has been facing Lady Nagant using the number of Quirks that he has, but it looks like nothing can stop their battle.

The brawl gets tough every minute and Deku will have to choose if he will stop the female villain or save Overhaul.

From here, according to BlockToro, there are theories Deku will be unlocking his new and final quirk.

This quirk may help Deku to save Overhaul from Lady Nagant. Some believe it will be a form of a shield so that he will have a protective feature.

Knowing Deku never kills an enemy, he will try to save Overhaul, if not Lady Nagant, too.

There are also assumptions that he may use Black Whip to deflect Lady Nagant’s bullets.

Chapter 314 recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 314 showed Deku had successfully grabbed Lady Nagant’s arm.

He tried to restrain her, which made the lady realized her enemy was getting faster. She then told him she would never say a thing about the League of Villains’ whereabouts.

Lady Nagant instead launched a counterattack. Deku asked the enemy her reason to side with All for One, to which she revealed something about the Safety Commission.

The flashback of her past story while working with the Safety Commission then began, per IBTimes.

At the time, she had to take down a group of terrorists and killed all of them.

Despite her efforts to follow the organization’s orders, she later realized that everything it said was all lies.

The group’s president then called her for another mission, but she questioned the task.

He then warned Lady Nagant that she could not just walk away. Without any second thought, she killed the president right there and then.

She then confessed to Deku her beliefs that All for One would hold a bright future for all of them. It was the reason she followed his orders and gave her full support to him.

Deku and Lady Nagant’s fight will continue in My Hero Academia Chapter 315, which will drop on Sunday, June 6.

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