‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 316: Deku, AFO’s face to face

My Hero Academia Chapter 316

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 spoilers are now making rounds online and it reveals what happens next after Lady Nagant’s body caught on fire.

Everyone is hoping Nagant will survive in My Hero Academia Chapter 316 and she sure does. After Deku and the company manage to save her, what will be their next move?

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Nagant’s Survival

Titled “The Next,” Endeavor also arrives at where Deku and the rest are. He says he receives All Might’s message, but it takes him a while to come due to rains.

Hawks doesn’t have enough feathers to fly, so Deku uses his Black Whip on him while carrying Nagant.

Deku then tells them what happened and how he believes All for One has something to do with it.

Hawks then screams at Nagant, stressing she should know there’s hope in Hero Society. He then demands she tells everything about AFO in My Hero Academia Chapter 316.

“During the next two months…bring the target to a mansion in Haibori Forest!” she says via BlockToro.

She then warns them AFO has a lot of strong allies.

After saying he is Nagant’s replacement, the lady sniper seems amazed at Hawks. She even wonders how he manages to be optimistic despite being from public safety.

Endeavor still has Chisaki on his hand who is screaming about his boss.

They then enter a mansion while Deku recalls Hawks’ words that AFO can’t steal his One for All yet.

AFO then appears in a hologram, clapping and asking him if he had fun fighting Nagant.

Deku, AFO’s Face to Face

Deku is pissed off AFO in My Hero Academia Chapter 316.

He then reveals he foresees what Deku will do with Nagant, though he stresses he has nothing to do with her plans. It’s all on her.

AFO tries his best to annoy Deku, talking about how easily they accuse someone as a villain with just a single mistake.

He sees the people who will fit in will be ostracized, which is a rule of life and not by society.

AFO continues, saying Deku has chosen the hardest path and he will continue fighting until his heart becomes null.

He then warns Deku as he now stops thinking of All Might.

“You’re next,” he says, and the mansion explodes.

Fans will see these all and more when My Hero Academia Chapter 316 drops on Sunday, June 13.

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