‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 316: Deku, Overhaul may become ally to save Lady Nagant.

My Hero Academia Chapter 316

Deku may do everything to save Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia Chapter 316 and may even ask for Overhaul’s help.

After the villain had the lady sniper’s body exploded after failing to fulfill her mission, would she survive in My Hero Academia Chapter 316?

The Move to save Lady Nagant

Nagant is Deku’s only hope to know AFO’s whereabouts, so he will make great efforts to save her.

As everyone wonders why the female villain brings Overhaul to the battle, this may be his role in the series.

Overhaul may play a significant role in helping Nagant survive this ordeal in My Hero Academia Chapter 316.

There are theories Deku may ask Overhaul to help revive Nagant and if he can still use his quirk or not.

According to BlockToro, he can still use his Quirk based on the manga databook and Quirk awakening.

Hawks has caught Lady Nagant before she eventually falls to the ground, so there is a big chance that she is still alive.

With Hawks help, Deku may manage to convince Overhaul to save Nagant. This scene may even end up in a temporary alliance between the two, although for just a little while.

Hawks may tell Overhaul about his boss, Nagant will be saved and Deku will know where AFO is.

Lady Nagant’s Origin

Nagant has already seen the Hero Society’s dark side and she did a lot of works to protect it.

She always sees this side of society as terrible, so she badly wants to change it until she meets Deku.

Deku belongs to this Hero Society that she despises, but he also wants to make it better just like her.

Nagant commends Deku’s pure heart, not having any second thought to save an enemy, Recent Highlights noted.

She knew he already made his move the moment she aimed her gun at Overhaul. Deku then told her she was not genuinely supporting AFO, seeing the good in her.

He pointed out that she did not want to really kill Overhaul, intentionally not shooting him directly.

Nagant had every chance to immobilize or kill Deku instantly, but she never did.

Despite allying with AFO, she is still a hero and it eventually prevails at the end of Chapter 315.

However, AFO saw this coming, so he already planned to bring her down if she betrayed him.

Will Nagant survive AFO’s curse? Find out when My Hero Academia Chapter 316 drops on Sunday, June 13.

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