‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 316: Will Deku, Overhaul work together to save Lady Nagant?

My Hero Academia Chapter 316

My Hero Academia Chapter 316 will reveal the fate of Lady Nagant. After her fall and burn, will she still survive?

There are theories Overhaul will save Nagant with his quirk in My Hero Academia Chapter 316. But as All for One himself causes the lady sniper’s ordeal, can they still save her life?

The Fate of Lady Nagant

Nagant’s body has exploded, but Hawks manages to catch her mid-air. However, as AFO has once again proven that he can do anything—even killing his own ally—to reach his goal, is there a chance for her to survive?

According to BlockToro, it is possible Overhaul will use his quirk on the female villain. He has the ability to disassemble and reassemble anything, even at the molecular level, so he can regenerate Nagant.

If this happens, will Overhaul and Deku work together to help Nagant in My Hero Academia Chapter 316?

If this pushes through and they will be able to save Nagant, they may know AFO and other villains’ whereabouts.

Chapter 315 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 315 began with a short flashback featuring Nagant and Overhaul.

Overhaul had lost his quirk after Shigaraki cut his arms, but AFO seemed to give him a new one. By its looks, he could now scout an enemy.

Game n Guides noted Overhaul only joined this mission to know his boss’ location after saving and bringing him into the Yakuza world.

Back to the present timeline, Deku saved Overhaul from Nagant’s bullet after aiming at him. The move shocked Nagant and made her realized something about Deku.

The young hero then attacked Nagant and hit her Rifle Arm. When she was just about to fall, Deku held her hand.

“If you really were on the same side as AFO, you would’ve just ripped through my back with your first shot right then and there,” Deku told Nagant, seeing the goodness in her.

Deku’s words touched Nagant and as she seemed to side on the heroes, her body exploded.

AFO had prepared something against Nagant in case she would betray him. After the explosion, it remained to be seen what happened to her body.

Would she survive after Hawks caught her body? If they manage to save her, would she become the heroes’ new ally and reveal AFO’s location?

Find out when My Hero Academia Chapter 316 comes out on Sunday, June 13.

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