‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 317: Will the villains finally enter the scene?


My Hero Academia Chapter 317 spoilers have finally dropped and it reveals what happens after the explosion.

AFO blew up the mansion while Deku and other Pro Heroes were still inside. As My Hero Academia Chapter 317 will pick up from this scene, who will survive?

The Explosion’s Aftermath

Kohei Horikoshi may add a huge twist in the upcoming installment after the explosion to save the protagonists. However, according to BlockToro, there may still be some casualties.

There are theories Dekuy may use his Black Whip Quirk to save the heroes and throw them out of the mansion.

He may also use his second Quirk to build a protective barrier for them to deflect the projectiles coming their way.

But, there are also assumptions that the blast is not that powerful and will just knock the heroes down.

They, too, may sustain some injuries but not to the extent that they will die. From here, it may be the best time for the villains to enter the picture and take advantage of their weaknesses.

In addition to these possibilities, My Hero Academia Chapter 317 may not feature this side of the story instead.

It may only show what is happening in the UA Academy to hype up the major cliffhanger. It has been a while since Bakugo, Shoto, Uraraka and other students take the spotlight, so it may happen this time.

Chapter 316 Recap

Deku wondered what Hawks told Lady Nagant that the latter revealed he worked for the Pro Hero in the past.

The lady sniper then unveiled where they could find AFO, OtakuKart News noted. It was at the mansion where she was supposed to meet him in the Haibori forest.

Nagant felt like she was not alone as AFO gathered more allies to hunt Deku. She then asked Mr. Replacement if he was the same guy she used to know.

Hawks smiled and realized he got company. Endeavor then asked Deku if there was no one but them and Hawks.

Chisaki then saw someone captured Nagant and declared she should never get caught. It was not part of their deal, so Endeavor held Chisaki as he tried to follow Nagant.

He then demanded they take him to his boss to apologize. Deku then chimed in and asked Chisaki if he could remember what he did to Eri.

Chisaki asked everyone to remain silent as he was talking to Nagant. However, Deku made another deal that they would give him Nagant if he would cooperate with them.

My Hero Academia Chapter 317 is set to be out on Sunday, June 20.

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