‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 319: Deku’s much-needed boost

My Hero Academia Chapter 319

There will be a reunion between Deku and Class A students in My Hero Academia Chapter 319. The young hero’s friends are worried about him, so they will make a way to meet him.

The students want nothing but to see Deku smile in My Hero Academia Chapter 319, knowing everything he is going through. Despite his tiredness and worries, can Deku give it to them?

The Move To Reach Deku

Twitter user Atshushi, via IBTimes, shares the next installment’s summary, starting with a flashback after Deku left the UA Academy.

Bakugo, Shoto and Tokoyami look for Deku and they believe he is with Endeavor and other Pro Heroes.

They try to make a call, but Hawks, Beast Jeanist and Endeavor do not take it. Though they know they may be busy, they think they are up to something.

Jirou then says All Might is yet to return to the academy. Ojiro adds there are no classes and the hero course is on standby.

The students are now patrolling around the academy in My Hero Academia Chapter 319.

Bakugo says he knows Deku and All Might more compare to Endeavor. So, he feels the two may get into trouble.

When Shoto and the other student finally meet Endeavor, the initial reminds his father about stopping Toya.

The Much-Needed Visit

Class A students want to help Deku and make him smile once again.

Later, they learn Bakugo manages to defeat Dictator.  The students then meet Deku.

Urarake tells him they are worried about him and wants to help. Deku assures them he is doing well and says they need to leave.

Bakugo expects what Deku says but asks him if he is ready to smile.

Deku says he can only do it when everyone is already safe. To that, he knows he has to stay away from his friends.

How is Deku Today?

Recent Highlights noted the vestiges know Deku is not fully healed yet, but he continues to fight.

Deku sees every threat as a big problem, so he wants to keep everybody safe as much as possible.

This makes things harder for him. As Deku seems to abuse himself, Endeavor fears what may happen.

Deku may just break down with all the things he is doing to himself. So, he probably needs a boost and it may be his friends.

Will he give them a smile that they long to see on his face?

Find out when My Hero Academia Chapter 319 drops Sunday, July 11.

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