‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 320: Can Class A bring Deku home?

My Hero Academia Chapter 320

The Class-A students have finally found Deku, but it looks like they will find it hard to bring him back home in My Hero Academia Chapter 320.

Titled “Deku vs. Class A,” there will be a fight between Deku and his group of friends that fans need to see. My Hero Academia Chapter 320 will mark a significant milestone in this group’s friendship.

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

New Chapter Spoilers

Twitter user Atsushi shared the summary and leaks of the next episode, starting with Iida, IBTimes noted.

Iida sees how stubborn Deku has become. Bakugo assures the young hero they know his Quirks from the fourth to the sixth One for All users.

Though Deku thanks them for coming, he uses his Smokescreen Quirk to escape.

Bakugo tries to stop him, using his new attack Shockwave Landmine and clears the smoke. He thinks Deku now sees his classmates as second to him with how strong he has become.

Kouda will tell Deku Nezu wants him to return to U.A. Academy, but he will use his Black Whip to get away from them.

Sero will use his tape to control Deku, while Jirou uses her Heartbeat Wall attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 320. The latter even thanks Deku for his advice during the Culture Festival.

The whole class continues to stop Deku from escaping, but he is too powerful.

Deku then tells them how everyone around him is in danger. He reveals Shigaraki and the League of Villains are after the people who are close to him.

Tokoyami pulls Deku into a building while Satou reminds him about Eri. Deku says Eri will be fine even if he is not around.

Momo tries to use a machine to make Deku sleep, but he just destroys it. Everyone is doing their best to have Deku return to the U.A. so that he can rest and work with them, but it looks like they will fail.

Deku’s Move against His Friends

According to Recent Highlights, Deku will never harm his friends. Despite giving them threats, they know that it means nothing.

Deku is still the guy who perfectly gets along with his pals. He still cherishes the friendship they have, but he just has to do this for their own sake.

Deku wants to protect everyone close to his heart and thinks he can only do it if he isolates himself from them.

Anyhow, in the process, he does not see that he is already harming himself and hurting his friends emotionally.

Despite that, though, each party still wishes everyone to be well.

My Hero Academia Chapter 320 will be out Sunday on MangaPlus and Viz Media.

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