‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 320: Deku may face Class A pals in possible civil war

My Hero Academia Chapter 320

My Hero Academia Chapter 320 will continue to show how Deku has changed over time.

Deku’s classmates and Class A friends are willing to do everything to help and make him smile. However, it looks like he will not take it lightly in My Hero Academia Chapter 320.

Deku has been working alone, thinking that he can avoid getting anyone involved in his battle. He fears putting his friends’ lives in danger, so they will try to offer their hands, but it may result in something unexpected.

The Final Saga

According to Recent Highlights, the new chapter will enter a new phase in the final saga. Deku’s isolation may finally come to an end after his friends visit him.

Though he may never let them join his fights, will he accept their offer for help? Deku will never do anything that will harm his pals—even his friends know his real intent.

It is just his way to protect them. So, in My Hero Academia Chapter 320, Class A may outdo Deku, though he probably has grown stronger.

The Upcoming Civil War

Comicbook noted the manga’s arc might go toward the civil war. Deku is now mastering the full power of his Quirks, aside from One for All.

He also tries his best to find All for One to stop him from resurrecting in the body of Tomura Shigaraki.

This quest has put Deku in isolation, putting him on a lonely and dark path. Despite the help that he gets, it may even result in an all-out conflict.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 319, Deku faced the mind-controlling villain Dictator. He was already losing when Bakugo arrived and defeated the enemy.

The previous chapter also showed how Bakugo and Class A students convinced Endeavor and the U.A. higher-ups to become Deku’s support system.

Despite their efforts, Deku only refused their help. He even got mad that they showed up during his fight against Dictator.

He snubbed Ochaco for asking if he was okay, so Bakugo chastised him for his attitude. Deku turned hostile, so Bakugo called him out.

He reminded him of his promise to be the hero that always smiled and kept everyone felt safe.

“Those smiles. Everyone’s peace of mind,” Deku said. “Those are the reasons I need to keep going.”

“So get out of my way!” he yelled.

“Do your worst; you All Might wannabe!” Bakugo told him.

Ida and Ochaco chimed in. They stressed they would never give up on their promise to look after him—even if they had to fight him.

This turn of events gave birth to rumors that My Hero Academia will feature a civil war between Deku and his former classmates.

As Deku seems to be taking the dark path, it looks like he is now changing into something that he is not.

Fans need to see what will happen next in My Hero Academia Chapter 320 when it drops Sunday.

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