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‘My Hero Academia’ DVD confirmed; Jirou and Kaminari’s story teased


My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising DVD will drop on July 15. Spoilers claim that will feature Jirou and Kaminari’s relationship.

My Hero Academia, also known as Boku No Hero Academia was a successful anime franchise. Both the manga and anime received an overwhelmingly positive response from its viewers.

My Hero Academia anime franchise

Moreover, Crunchyroll and Polygon proclaimed My Hero Academia as one of the most outstanding anime series of the decade. Also, the manga and the animated series were not the only factors that affected the franchise’s eminence.

The theatrical film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes also contributed to its success. It grossed $27.5 million in 2018. Due to the first film’s fame, the franchise has decided to produce the next installment, entitled My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, in 2019.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising releases DVD details

Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will finally drop on Blu-ray and DVD. The network tweeted:

“My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Blu Ray & DVD will be released on 15 July, 2020 in Japan. Special Edition will have: Storyboard from the director Kenji Nagasaki; 44 pages booklet; special postcard; new picture drama.”

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising explores a brand new challenge for Class 1-A as they face a new villain. Moreover, it will tackle the relationship between Midoriya and his “frenemy” Bakugo.

New DVD teases Jirou and Kaminari short story

A new My Hero Academia DVD will further grace fans with exciting scenes over the biggest series’ ship. As per Aitaikimochi, My Hero Academia is working on a short story for Jirou and Kaminari. The drama will be recorded in the last volume of season four overseas.

Aitaikimochi tweeted:

“The Boku No Hero Academia Season 4 Vol. 6 DVD cover art has been revealed featuring Class A’s Band! The Drama CD that comes w/ the DVD is about Jirou asking Kaminari to accompany her to the music room in the middle of the night to help retrieve her notebook. Here’s the summary.”

The tweet came along with the DVD’s cover art and summary. It stated:

“As the day of the Cultural Festival draws nearer, Jirou realizes that she forgot her notebook in the music room and asks Kainari to accompany her to get it back in the middle of the night. As they enter the pitch-black school building, they grow more and more fearful and come across a disturbing shadow. What’s worse is that even though there shouldn’t be anyone there, music is playing from the music room. Will the two of them come out of this unharmed?”

For the fans and followers of this series, My Hero Academia Season 4 Vol. 6 DVD will drop on June 17, 2020.

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