‘My Hero Academia’ Episode 103: The return of League of Villains

My Hero Academia Episode 105

New My Hero Academia Episode 103 images are now out, giving a glimpse of the Meta Liberation Army.

The anime series has a major switch-up, featuring the Endeavor Agency arc instead of the Meta Liberation Army arc. But, it is not shy from teasing the arrival of the new group of villains in My Hero Academia Episode 103.

New Teaser Images

The anime is yet to fully introduce the Meta Liberation Army, but it is making sure their threat can be felt.

Soon, fans will see this group in full swing, getting ready to take the hero society down.

In My Hero Academia Episode 103 will feature the Three Musketeers, working under Endeavor to train their hero skills.

As they continue their work-study, it looks like the League of Villains is about to make their return.

The teaser images that Twitter user Atsushi 101X shares show the return of Toga and other members of the group.

Toga has been on the sideline after his brief appearance in the previous season’s Overhaul arc. Does this mean he is now going to take the spotlight?

Before the Meta Liberation Army arrives, Shigaraki and the gang are now ready to spread terror.

With that, according to Comingbook, fans can expect big things to happen in the upcoming installment.

The Meta Liberation Army plans to send in 100,000 strong enemies to attack the heroes in four months.

New Episode Synopsis, Trailer and More

My Hero Academia Episode 103, titled “One Thing at a Time,” will show how Deku, Bakugo and Todoroko will start to work on their weak points

The trio will be in action as Endeavor now gives them their tasks, IBTimes noted.

The new episode preview shows how they will continue their work studies as part of their hero course curriculum.

The three interns will be in training and Deku will start learning how to control his power. To recall, in the Join Training arc, he had a hard time handling his One for All Quirk.

He even secretly trained with All Might and Bakugo to use his Black Whip.

“Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki are now interning with the number one hero. Before giving them specific tasks, Endeavor asks each one what they came here for,” the new episode official synopsis reads. “After hearing, Endeavor gives them a single mission: during this winter, show me you can defeat at least one villain faster than me!” read the first preview of the upcoming episode.”

“The Paranormal Liberation Front is preparing to exterminate all the heroes. Izuku and the others have to improve their strength with Endeavor!” the second synopsis reveals.

My Hero Academia Episode 105 will release on Saturday, July 11, after the one-week break.

Featured image used courtesy of Stephane Gallay/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/)

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