‘My Hero Academia’ explains how Kirishima influenced Ashido


The latest season of the anime adaptation showed how Kirishima, aka Red Riot, inspired Ashido, aka Alien Girl, to develop a powerful new technique for her Quirk.

While the My Villain Academia Arc was the major plotline that concluded the fifth season of My Hero Academia, the current season’s conclusion used the chance to revisit the young heroes of Class 1-A and concentrate on the training that has helped them acquire their Quirks.

Viewers were able to witness how Kirishima, nicknamed Red Riot, was able to encourage Ashido, called Alien Girl, to create a powerful new method for her Quirk that was unlike anything she’d done before.

Kirishima and Ashido depend on each other

As far as we know, Kirishima and Ashido are not in a romantic relationship, but they have depended on one another in the same way that Deku and Ochaco did in previous seasons of My Hero Academia.

While Red Riot didn’t have the exact bright moment as his master Fat Gum in the fight against Overhaul in Season Four, he and Ashido were able to demonstrate how their abilities had evolved in the current Joint Training Exercise Arc.

With both Ashido and Kirishima winning their fights against Class 1-B, it’s apparent that they’re on their way to becoming some of the most powerful crime-fighters of the future generation.

Ashido as Acid Man

Ashido debuted her new talent in Acid Man in the most recent season finale of My Hero Academia, which involves her encasing herself in the acidic liquid that her Quirk enables her to emit.

She tells Kirishima that he is the reason she was able to create this new method, which she modeled after the strength he used against Overhaul’s underlings as she took down several training robots.

The War Arc, which will face the heroes against the crazy new Paranormal Liberation Front, a mix of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army, is set to take place next season, and Red Riot and Alien Girl will require their new abilities.


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