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‘My Hero Academia’ gives a flashback of Hawks’ dark childhood


Hawks’ dark childhood is explored in a flashback with the newest chapter of My Hero Academia!

Ever since Hawks debuted during the Pro Hero arc of the anime My Hero Academia, he has been one of the major fan favorites. On the other hand, as it’s clear from early on that he has a lot of darkness under the surface, he has also been the most mysterious.

The series’s previous chapters gave us insights into Hawks’ past and the resulting connection to Endeavor. However, the full look at Hawks’ origin story has finally been provided by the anime. And it’s another piece of the puzzle at the very least.

Hawks’ unlikely past

The series’s chapter 299 continues to explore the fallout of the Paranormal Liberation Front War. And also the ensuing mass prison breaks that were an immediate result. In the episode, the series creator Kohei Horikoshi also gave an update on Hawks’ condition gave fans a better look into Hawks’ dark past with an abusive family.

Hawks reveals that he only sees heroes as fictional characters at the beginning of the chapter. This is because of how low the quality of life he had early on. Hawks’ painful past reveals his father murdering someone over money while his mother helped him go on the lam.

Both parents are seen to be both fugitives and had a child in the midst of all of this. With disdain, they treated him and openly criticized him.

The Shadow Organization buying Hawks in the past

Furthermore, his father was arrested while feeling the brokenness inside, and he and his mother end up running out of their home. The shadow organization is revealed to have bought Hawks from his mother. This is in return for creating brand new identities for them.

Although the flashback ended that way, it still does begin laying threads connecting to what we have already gleaned about the present Hawks. The character is working for a faction of the Hero Organization on his secret missions. This could explain how he’s so deeply embedded within the Hero Organization.

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