‘My Hero Academia’ introduces new character hero X-Less

'My Hero Academia' introduces new character hero X-Less

My Hero Academia anime series fans may be waiting for its fifth season but it doesn’t mean that the craze is on hiatus. Its manga counterpart released chapter 269 and there’s a new name in team hero.

My Hero Academia manga series chapter 269 briefly introduced a hero named X-Less. There aren’t a lot of details about this new name yet but it seems like it’s a character worth exploring and knowing about.

Who is X-Less and what can he do?

Despite the scarce information on X-Less, there are a few details that have been made known to its readers.

First of all, X-Less appeared in the middle of the Paranormal Liberation War. Every hero of the world and the students of UA academy are summoned to step up at the front line to fight against Shigaraki and Re-Destro’s massive forces.

With over 100,000 in number, the heroes are clearly outnumbered and overpowered by the group of villains. X-Less is first seen running alongside Present Mic.

They run past the “High End Nomu” to try to stop Tomura Shigaraki who has been placed in a capsule by Kyudai Garaki to give him some serious buffs. Fortunately, Present Mic punches Kyudai and shatters the tank containing Tomura Shigaraki.

It leaves Tomura in a death-like state because of the interrupted stabilization process. X-Less checks on Tomura to see his state. He confirms that Tomura has stopped breathing and his heart has stopped beating.

Garaki is devastated to see his dreams go down the drain. He has lived for Tomura’s sake all his life and now that he thinks he is dead, he is just beyond devastated.

There’s a possibility though that the Lord of Evil is still alive. With X-Less near him, a twist of events could happen and X-Less could be in danger. He may be the antagonist’s new victim.

How X-Less looks like

According to Fandom, X-Less hero costume is a blue bodysuit. The upper half is in a lighter shade while the lower half is darker. His sleeves has a dark blue color accent with three yellow stripes.

Around his head is a larger dark blue stripe wraps which also covers his right. He also dons a red cape. Before the Paranormal Liberation Raid, X-Less added a pale lens over his right eye. It’s said to aid his quirk.

His quirk or ability is, laser. He is able to fire energy beams from his right eye. His fighting style is long-ranged combat.

To know more of X-Less, fans will have to watch out for him in future My Hero Academia chapters.

Featured image courtesy of Funimation/YouTube screenshot

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