‘My Hero Academia’ recap and chapter 272 spoilers: Will Shigaraki return?

My Hero Academia chapter 272 will be released over the weekend and fans are already looking forward to it. What will happen next after chapter 271 cliffhanger?

My Hero Academia chapter 272 will be made available soon. It is originally scheduled to come out on Sunday, May 24.

However, fans should take note that a last-minute delay or schedule change can occur. This is due to the pandemic.

If all is good, then fans can catch the upcoming and previous chapters of My Hero Academia on Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

Chapter 271 recap

The previous chapter of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga series is titled “Dark Cloud.” It kicked off with the events following the fight between Hawks and Dabi.

Tsukuyomi jumped out of Fat Gum’s body to run after his mentor. Chargebolt tried to stop him but when they learned where he was going, Fat gum ejected Chargebolt, Shemage, and Mudman from his body.

He told them to run the rest of the way. Then he ran off to support Tsukuyomi. Fat Gum was surprised by how Tsukuyomi managed to escape from his fat. No one has ever tried breaking free from his fat.

Hawks is badly hurt so Tsukuyomi tried to escape with him to safety. But before that Dabi, who is unharmed, told Tsukuyomi that the Pro Hero he looks up to is far dirtier than the Villains.

Dabi pointed out that Hawks killed Twice. Tsukuyomi is shocked but he still saved Hawks. That’s when Dabi almost burned him, but he managed to escape and Geten appeared to help.

By creating a huge wall of ice, Geten disrupts Dabi while Tsukuyomi fled with Hawks who is still alive but unconscious.

Tsukuyomi yells at him with his tears in his eyes, telling him that he can’t die on him. He also doesn’t think he is dirty for killing Twice as it was the right thing to do.

My Hero Academia chapter 272 spoilers

So what happens next after everything that unfolded in chapter 271?

Spoilers suggest that the next chapter is going to show All for One’s former bodyguard Gigantomachia making a move.

There’s also a possibility that Shigaraki will be making a comeback after chapter 270 hinted that he seems to have regained consciousness. Gigantomachia’s new power also sensed it.

And readers may recall that Deku once acknowledged that Shigaraki is awake so he may also be making a move to find where Tomura is. Same for Gigantomachia who may start searching for his master.

So if Shigaraki does return already, he could be joining the battle. And this could mean bloody chaos for the heroes as they battle the main villain with revamped powers.

Stay tuned to find out what will happen in My Hero Academia chapter 272.

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