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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5: Episode 0 to drop important announcement about ‘MHA’ 3rd movie


Fans are about to see My Hero Academia Season 5 in more than a week. Contrary to everyone’s belief, the premiere episode will not be a recap but an original one.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 0 will drop a significant announcement about the third MHA movie. It may have new revelations that fans need to see.

A special first episode

According to BlockToro, the fifth season’s premiere episode may feature some fillers, though it remains to be seen what it is.

“New article; TV anime [My Hero Academia 5th term] the first episode is the original anime episode,” Twitter user Ryokutya837 revealed. “The latest information on the new movie version will be announced on the air.”

My Hero Academia Season 5 is expected to be a two-hour season with a total of 25 episodes. Its actual plot may begin when the first episode official drops, as Episode 0 is usually just a refresher.

However, things will be different this time. Episode 0 may hint at the movie’s plot, as the film’s major details are still kept under wraps.

The anime series is known for featuring less filler content, and fans expect the fifth installment to be the same.

There are reports it will adapt the Class 1-A versus Class 1-B arc from the manga.

So, if there’s one thing fans want to see, it’s who will win between these two classes.

The movie canon

Comicbook noted My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 0 might tie into the next MHA movie. If this happens, the alleged recap episode will be an essential part of the canon.

The movie seems to center on Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki. They wear new outfits, making them look like the Three Musketeers.

The third MHA film has a lot to live up to, as fans have unanimously approved the first two films.

However, no significant updates have been made about the movie yet since it has been announced.

So, aside from My Hero Academia Season 5, there may be another movie reveal at the anime’s fifth-anniversary celebration.

It hinted at its website that it would have an “original story you can only see in this movie.”

This may mean that just like the first two films, the third one will also have an original story.

It won’t be another adaptation from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga works, but a different tale that no one has seen yet.

Whatever the case may be, fans have to wait and see what My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 0 will reveal when it finally drops on Saturday, March 27.

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