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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 Episode 7: Joint Training Exercise’s 3rd round will be much intense


My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7’s title, “Match 3,” hints at the third battle between Class 1-A and Class 1-B.

The Joint Training Exercise continues as the students from the two classes fight for the third round of the battle. So, between these two classes, who will come out as the victor in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7?

Preview, spoilers, and more

The franchise drops a new still image to tease the upcoming episode, featuring one of Class 1-B’s most powerful students.

By the looks of it, the third round of the battle will be a much bigger one compared to the first two fights.

The line-up will be composed of Shoto, Ingenium, and other biggest names in the UA Academy.

These heroes will try their bests to make their teams win in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7.

Shinso will also join the brawl despite not being part of either the Class 1-A or Class 1-B, per Comicbook.

He has already proven himself to be a formidable warrior after he helped the Class 1-A won with the use of his Brainwash Quirk.

Shinso is also under the training of Shoto to learn his offensive and defensive abilities, using the cloth band around his neck.

By the looks of it, Shinso and Midoriya are about to face each other in future episodes, with the tension building between the two.

Class B’s new strategy

After their defeat in the second round, fans hope Class 1-B to have a new strategy against the enemy to win in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7.

So far, the Quirks and strengths of most of the students have been out, so fans need to see how they plan to use them.

According to Epic Dope, the third round will also be more challenging than the first two battles. So, it will be more interesting to watch.

In My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 6, the second battle began with Komori, using her Quirk to cover the whole battlefield with mushrooms.

This way, they could hide from the enemies. The fight’s main highlight happened when Yaoyorozu gave it all out in her battle against Kendo.

Though Kendo’s team win in the end, it couldn’t be denied that she was impressed by Yaoyorozu’s fighting spirit.

Despite the competition, everyone was proud of each other’s improvements. This just proved that their fights were friendly and healthy.

The third round of the battle will begin in My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7, which will drop on Saturday, May 8.

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