‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5: Full look at new villain character designs + voice actors behind it

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia Season 5 is now dropping new updates about the recently-started arc, the Endeavor Agency arc. From the new villains coming to the new voices fans will hear, here is everything you need to know.

The franchise has given everyone a full look at the new villains coming in My Hero Academia Season 5. It also unveils the voice actors behind these characters and the following episodes will surely be worth seeing.

The Coming New Villains

The fifth season’s second cour has now officially begun and it adapts the manga’s Endeavor Agency arc.

Though it is supposed to feature one of the biggest arcs, the Meta Liberation Army arc, a switch has happened.

Some fans do not mind, though, as it will eventually make its way to My Hero Academia Season 5. In fact, according to Comicbook, it will introduce much bigger villains and the franchise has already given glimpses of them.

In a series of tweets, it first drops an image design of Re-Destro. He is the Detnerat Company’s President and CEO and Meta Liberation Army’s Grand Commander.

The next is Curious. She is Shoowaysha Publishing’s executive director and the Meta Liberation Army’s leading member.

The third is Skeptic. He is Feel Good, Inc.’s board member and Meta Liberation Army arc’s antagonist.

The fourth villain is Trumpet, the Hearts and Mind Party’s leader. Lastly, fans are about to meet Geten, one of the nine lieutenants of Meta Liberation Army and League of Villains’ the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Voices Behind The New Characters

My Hero Academia Season 5 is now on a short hiatus, but it has been dropping big news about its new arc.

It now reveals who will be the voice behind Re-Destro and it is none other than the veteran voice actor Hiroaki Hirata, Anime News Network noted.

Fans may know him as the famous voice behind One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates cook Sanji.

Other voice actors fans will soon hear are Junji Majima as Trumpet, Seiichiro Yamashita as Geten, Takako Honda as Curios and Tomakazu Sugita as Skeptic.

Though the anime is yet to officially introduce these new villains, fans are now looking forward to seeing them spreading some nightmares in the series.

The Meta Liberation Army arc is said to put the current season to an end. Everyone wants to see how this villainous new group will work together with Shigaraki’s League of Villains and try to put the heroes down.

My Hero Academia Season 5 will continue on Sunday, July 11.

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