‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5: Here’s when Meta Liberation Army arc begins

My Hero Academia Season 5

Fans will soon see the beginning of the much-awaited Meta Liberation Army arc in My Hero Academia Season 5.

My Hero Academia Season 5 first featured the Endeavor Agency arc instead of the Meta Liberation Army arc. Despite the switch, though, fans can now feel the threat of this new set of villains.

The Threat of the New Big Bads

The Meta Liberation Army will soon be in action as the Endeavor Agency arc is about to end.

According to Comicbook, the Endeavor Agency arc had already begun even before the second cour started in Episode 101.

My Hero Academia Season 5’s second part officially began the Endeavor Agency arc in Episode 102.

By the looks of it, this arc will come to an end in Episode 106. So far, the fifth season is about to drop Episode 104, which is said to be a filler episode.

This just means there are only three episodes left before the Meta Liberation Army arc begins. So, the Endeavor Agency arc will have six episodes, though it has 12 chapters in the manga.

If this arc indeed ends in the next three episodes, the new storyline may begin in Chapter 107. This just means there are only seven episodes left in the season, knowing it will only have 25 episodes all in all.

Episode 104 Spoilers and More

Warning: The following content is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 104 will bear the title “Long Time No See, Selkie.” Here, Ochako, Nejire and Tsuyu will be working on a special assignment with Selkie, per IBTimes.

Its official preview trailer shows the other U.A. Academy starting their job training at different hero agencies.

The clip begins with a full look at Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, Ryuku’s agency interns.

Something sinister is happening on a ship, so Shipwreck Hero Selkie asks for help. He and his team need to find an “escaped smuggling ship.”

The video also gives a glimpse of the villain with a drug named Trigger.

The official synopsis that Twitter user Atsushi shares hints at Ochako and friends’ next mission to see new interns working closely with Selkie.

“Ochako, Tsuyu, and Nejire from the Big 3 are interning at Ryuku’s agency. Suddenly, they hear news about a factory that produces the Quirk-boosting drug ‘Trigger’ exploding and putting a mountain on fire in a country called Kaflin,” it reads. “Then the pro hero Selkie sends them a team-up request?!”

It looks like the interns’ first mission is a hazardous one. So, can they make a good impression on the Pro Heroes and complete their mission?

Find out when My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 104 drops this Saturday.

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