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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 to give more details about Deku’s quirks, abilities, its origins


Fans may finally get the answer to these questions about Deku’s dream in My Hero Academia Season 5. As the series is about to return in no time, it may tie all the loose ends the previous season left.

Deku will continue his fight against the villains in My Hero Academia Season 5. The new season may give more details about his quirks, abilities, its origins, and more.

Season 5 theories, spoilers, and more

According to Spoiler Guy, Deku may learn a new ability in the new season that even All Might can’t master.

It’s maybe the ability to communicate to the past One for All users that All Might can’t do. If this happens, he may get more information about his quirks, new and old.

Also, as the first quirk user has approached him, he may now learn the origin of his abilities.

By the looks of it, My Hero Academia Season 5 will take fans to the mystery behind All for One and One for All.

Meanwhile, the new season may begin with a recap episode, just like the last two seasons.

So, the real action may begin in the second episode instead. The class may have to take another tough quirk examination as the Joint Training arc officially begins.

The Pro Heroes will be pushing themselves beyond their league. Aside from Deku, fans are about to see other heroes upping their games and abilities.

There will be more details about Endeavor and additional members coming to the series. After All for One has been put down in Season 4, Shigaraki will be creating a new set of League of Villains.

By the looks of it, they will be ready to take their vengeance against the Pro Heroes.

New season trailer and more

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia Season 5 trailer teases a One for All surprise for Deku.

While the previous previews focused on the battles between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, the latest one shows what is happening to Deku’s One for All.

In the fourth season finale, Deku woke up inside a mysterious black void inside his One for All ability. In the trailer, he is seen struggling before his surrounding turns completely dark, per Comicbook.

A bright flash kicks emerge for a second, and black energy starts to explode out of his hand.

Ochako is then heard screaming, and what will happen next will be seen in the imminent release of My Hero Academia Season 5 on Saturday, Mar. 27.

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