‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5: Who is the Meta Liberation Army?

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia Season 5 features the Endeavor Agency Arc.

It is supposed to be the Meta Liberation Army Arc, but a switch seems to happen. My Hero Academia Season 5 is yet to introduce Meta Liberation Army, but they are now sending terror across the anime series’ world.

So, who is this Meta Liberation Army and why everyone seems to be afraid of them?

A New Much-Powerful, Huge Group of Super Villain

The Meta Liberation Army is yet to introduce themselves, but their threat can now be felt.

According to Comicbook, they are the greatest danger the heroes have to face so far.

Hawks now plays as undercover to know the plans of both the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains.

Despite the danger that comes with his mission, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the hero world.

Hawks learned the group has more than a hundred thousand members and about to begin their attack in four months.

He tried to send this message to his fellow heroes through a decoded note. A book titled Meta Liberation War is now circulating all over their world.

It carries the same message the League of Villains has. They also want to create a society where the government has no jurisdiction over the people’s Quirks.

This seems to earn them more allies in My Hero Academia Season 5. All Might appears to be out of the picture this time.

So, it is up to Endeavor and the new generation of heroes to handle the new enemies.

An Arc Switch?

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia Season 5 seems to have switched its two arcs. In the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi, the current Endeavor arc occurs before the Meta Liberation Army arc.

Deku, Bakugo and Shoto are now working under Endeavor, but the season began with a Shigaraki tease.

He is laughing in the Deika City ruins in the event that happened nine days before Episode 101’s scenes occurred.

Sure, the new opening sequence hints at the eventual coming of this arc. But, it confuses fans as to why the events of the two storylines seem to have mixed up.

Comicbook noted it might have something to do with them the new group of villains’ introduction—the Meta Liberation Army.

It will feature a major change in the series, so these alterations will be effectively seen in the next season.

There may be a major cliffhanger happening in My Hero Academia Season 5. So, there may be a significant intense turn of events in Season 6.

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