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‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5: Yuki Hayashi gives an update


After months of total silence following the confirmation of My Hero Academia Season 5, the anime series’ legendary composer finally gives an update.

Yuki Hayashi reveals the animated show is now in the works by sharing a series of photos on Instagram.

Weekly Shōnen Jump revealed there would be My Hero Academia Season 5. So, fans expect to see the return of their most favorite characters next season, continuing their stories further.

The latest update for season 5

Yuki shared some images of him working with a band to show the music recording of the new season’s soundtrack.

In the first snap, everyone took a pose while working on the musical instruments wearing their masks on. In the second photo, the musicians were holding their saxophones as they prepared for the recording.

And in the last picture, Yuki looked too busy working in the music room with his audio mixer and equalizer.

By its look, everything is set for the musical scoring of My Hero Academia Season 5.

According to Crunchyroll, Yuki’s post and the music recording itself only mean that the new season’s production is now going smoothly.

What will happen in My Hero Academia Season 5?

Fans are expecting a lot is happening in My Hero Academia Season 5. It may feature the struggle of Izuku against evil, Devdiscourse noted.

Fans will surely want to see what will happen to All Might, who is suffering from an illness. It’s also quite expected that Deku will gather more information about the One For All quirk.

Their journey’s progress and Deku and his son’s connection may also be explored. Anyhow, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt, as these are all mere theories.

The new season will surely start where the previous season left off. However, it has yet to reveal the real highlight of the next installment’s plot story.

Season 5 release date and other details

My Hero Academia Season 5 will feature two arcs from the manga series. There are reports that it may be composed of 23 episodes to cover the whole story.

Fans may wait for a little while before they finally see Deku and the rest of the gang back to the small screen. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has affected even the entertainment industry at the global level.

Hence, fans may be in a waiting game before they finally see My Hero Academia Season 5’s release. But some expect it to be out in 2021.

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