‘My Hero Academia’ shows flashback, adds context to Toya’s transformation


The newest chapter of the ongoing anime My Hero Academia has managed to explore Toya Todoroki’s fall from grace!

The hero world was shaken up for good with the war between the heroes, and the Paranormal Liberation Front took place. However, My Hero Academia revealed that the Todoroki family would be the most impacted by this in the future.

Endeavor to take the center stage after All Might

Endeavor has been taking more of the center stage ever since All Might retired. This is as his rise to the number one rank came with far more scrutiny from those around him. This meant that the dirty laundry of the Todoroki family had been put all out in the open.

Endeavor coming to terms with how abusively he treated his family in the past was revealed at the beginning of the Pro Hero arc. This was only the beginning as Dabi’s reveal that he was long thought dead Toya Todoroki has sent Endeavor into a tailspin. A flashback kicked-off the newest chapter of the series that adds a little more context to Toya’s eventual transformation.

A new light for Toya’s reason for the change

The series’s Chapter 301 reveals Rei, Enji/Endeavor, and Dabi all looking back at the past from different angles. Enji starts to pull away as he finds out that Toya has inherited a strong version of his fire quirk.

Because of how much his father wants him to, the young Toya wants to surpass All Might. However, with the hopes that one of them will be strong enough, Enjo decides to give up and begins to have more children.

Furthermore, Enji sees the young Toya crack under the duress. This is although he hoped to make Toya give up his desire to become a hero by having more children and training them. This, instead, does the opposite.

The young Toya was only hurt even more as Enji tries to get him to give up the hero world entirely and live a regular life. He only wanted to do this for his father, and it’s increasingly feeling like he’s getting tossed aside.

Moreover, Toya then activates his quirk and attacks their newest child, a baby Shoto Todoroki as he wanted to be noticed for his efforts. 

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